UK Fatalities - 121106 - Basrah

Breaking news on BBC Ticker. BBC Link

Reporting four dead, lost for words.

MOD Link

WO2 Lee Hopkins,
SSgt Sharon Elliot
Cpl Ben Novak
Marine Jason Hylton


Editted twice to include links and names.
RIP lads - condolences to friends and families
Alas, more brave souls to remember...

Rest In Peace

My sincere condolences to those who are receiving the news that will break their hearts.

As seen on a war grave headstone:

Loved in life, not forgotten in death.

Edited to add my very best wishes for full and speedy recoveries to those wounded.
how many more?.....
RIP fellas.
Having done 6 months on patrol on the Shatt, I'm deeply upset by this one.
Words just aren't enough

And that on this day! RIP!

On this day; there are not words enough.
Devastating news.

It most unwelcomely brings the point of today's events into even sharper focus.

thoughts are with their loved ones.

RIP Lads & my sincere condolences to the family & friends of those involved.Also like to wish a speedy & full recovery to the injured.
On this day more than any,you are very much in our thoughts & prayers.

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