UK faces big defence decision - Friday, 12 January 2007.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Pete20, Jan 12, 2007.

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  1. There are two options.

    1. Reduce size and capability of our forces
    2. Increase the defence budget.

    IMHO They will probably have a token increase in the budget and a reduction of some of our heavy assets.
  2. How about we stop poking our noses in everybody elses business for a while, spend the money on no deploying on getting the forces to a high standard of training, equipment etc and whilst looking after our own responsibilities!

    Thats got to be cheaper than being the lapdog of Bush all the time!
  3. You see simple yet to the fcking point-well said that man.
  4. I thought we were meant to be a boutique-service provider to NATO anyway? For example: the US are very good at throwing large numbers of marginally-trained troops at a problem. We on the other hand are good at counter-insurgency (BANNER, anyone?), and the RAF are good at low-level high-speed at night bombing (GRANBY et al).

    Tim Garden on R4 this morning made a good point : we buy stuff ourselves when we could save money by buying as part of NATO (i.e., E3 AWACS). Unless we're planning to leave NATO at some point (and I for one certainly haven't seen any evidence of that) then I'd ask the question about why we do that, other than to keep Mr Tony looking bigger than he actually is in the face of the US?
  5. Looks like another landmine he's planting in Number 10 for Gordon to step on. Does he maybe intend his legacy to be the last Prime Minister of Britain as a world power?

    Agree with HVM_Boy, we're not going to see any significant increase in the budget, nor are we going to MTG the white elephant defence contracts as British jobs depend on 'em and elections are coming up. Renewing/replacing Trident won't help, either.

    Heavy assets like 1UK ARMD aren't so sexy as Apache Longbow anymore and they can't be slung around the world like madwoman's sh1te as easily, so they're the obvious targets.

    Oh dear, we should have seen this coming after the "Is it time for a coup?" thread got posted... Not as if he can't bear a petty grudge or anything.

  7. But he will also call for a debate on whether the UK should continue to send troops to trouble spots after he quits (b.b.c.)

    If only the government would listen to you One shot they say they want to call a debate its all talk because they never listen to what advise you give them it goes through one ear and out through the other
  8. I like the analogy! Very, er, smart!