UK expensive or what!!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by blindfire, Aug 8, 2007.

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  1. Well guys, just returned from a week in the UK.

    I could not believe the prices there - 1.95 for a cup of tea?? 70p for a bag of crisps?? - mind this was on the services.

    Got to my old mans house and went out for a beer 2.90 for a pint :cry:

    I won't go on about the price of petrol, but my old man was saying about the council tax etc - how can you guys that live in the UK afford it - it seemed so expensive for simple things I was gutted - I think I'll stay in Germany although thats not perfect at least I can go for a beer and not have to check my wallet that I've got enough in to pay :D
  2. 2.90? It's 4 quid a pint here! :evil:

    Then again, it does keep the scum out. Not a student or chav in sight!
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  3. How much is a pint in Germany?
  4. Good idea for a thread - "How much is a pint where you live?!"

    About 95p here in Aus.
  5. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    £2.60 for a Guinness in the bar where I drink up to £2.90 in the pubs in the town center.
    But well over £3.00 a pint in Belfast.
  6. Prices in the UK are unbelivable! Even in a shithole like Northampton a pint of Stella will cost you £2:80. I got charged £7:00 for a double voddy and Coke the other day! On average a full tank of petrol will cost about £40:00 too. =|
  7. Out of curiosity, how much is that in Aussie dollors?

    Its about 2 Euros in Rome, which is about £1:50.
  8. Had a team urine up in Berlin last Nov. Hotel which was in the old East was £40 for 2 nights B and B-converted workers flats, cheap, cheerful and very clean.
    Very cheap public transport-tram and U-Bahn. One day travel card about £2.00. Run on time as well-must be a tale there........
    The nitty gritty-beer prices were the same as London-but in Euros, tabs half price. Currywurst mit pommes about £1.50.
    Local boozer:£3.00 Fosters and similar. Full of chavs and East Euros behind the bar.
    Remind me who won the war................
  9. Even in a horrible travel lodge 2 nights will cost you over £100 and thats Oswestry we're talking about!

    A day saver on the bus will cost you £2:50

    Jumbo sausage, small chips and curry sauce £3:00

    However a pint of kangaroo P**s will cost about £2:00
  10. About 2 bucks 50.
  11. Works out to about $2.30 AUD, but I would love to know where oz_duke gets his drinks considering when I left the Brissy in 95 a pint in the Brittania Inn was $5 AUD. Even now a stubby, 375m, costs around $3 AUD in most pubs. More in Oonce Oonce clubs. :(

    Edited to rectify. Ozduke as opposed to what I typed, and stubbies are now 345m not 375
  12. Fugly

    Fugly LE DirtyBAT

    In a fucking Nissan Micra. People with real cars pay about £60+ for a full tank
  13. I dont actually own a car yet (Im a Leconfield graduate!) But £40:00 was for my sister's mini. I think ill get some thing small and girly and save money TBH
  14. Sweet jesus! the average 330m here will cost the equivalent of about $6:50AUD!
  15. I go to the UK on holidays almost every year. But to us it is indeed very expensive,no matter what you're buying.
    I take this all for granted,and even have a special "saving pot" to be able to pay for all the extras it will cost me to visit the UK instead of going on holiday in a European country. But still i always wonder how you manage to get yourselves p!ssed! It would take a fortune for me!