UK Defence engagement with Asia

Discussion in 'House of Commons' started by Jeneral28, Jun 18, 2013.

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  1. East Asia: 17 Jun 2013: Hansard Written Answers and Statements - TheyWorkForYou

    Small price to pay while all the attention has been on Afghanistan. What about the future especially with the US alignment towards Asia?
  2. Is that the same Jim Murphy who was Defence Minister under Labour?

    Is that a planted question or a booby trap?

    Is it suggesting we need more, or fewer staff in that area?
  3. I can't remember Jim Murphy's positions in the past. He's Shadow Defence now.

    He's just asking though I would say the UK should slightly beef up its engagement with SE Asia. Iraq and Afghanistan steered the focus away from there
  4. I hope we are better at defending Singapore next time round.
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  5. Singapore is independent plus its armed forces are highly capable.
  6. Very small and with a strong conscripted element but well-equipped and I'd imagine they'd make life difficult for any occupying force even if they could be overcome.
  7. Have you checked out Singapore's defence structure? Just ecause the army (the formation with the largest number of National Servicemen) is not a 100% regular force doesnt mean it is incapable of defending the city state.

    Singapore has the most advanced weapons amongst Asian and Southeast Asian nations. And who is to invade Singapore in this current economic climate? Plus, even with FPDA, do you think the UK can muster a defence force in time to reach Singapore?
  8. I certainly was not criticising or belittling them.
  9. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    The Singaporeans, Malaysians, Thais, etc, are possibly not in a good place. They've got China on one side, who presumably no-one trusts, and Japan on the other, who no-one has forgotten. No wonder they are keen to get plenty of Western involvement. Their best bet is good kit, operated by trained and motivated crews - and the best kit comes from USA/Europe - hence probably the new DA posts in Thailand, Vietnam ad Burma - nothing like a decent DA for flogging stuff! :)
  10. As trade is increasing from China, is there any protection to stop states that are on the trade routes from ransoming or embargoing those routes, and what is our response as our expeditionary capability has deteriorated in the last 10 years?
  11. why would a state want to block vessels coming in - too much economic damage would be done from this. There are no points on the trading routes where you cant divert and go another way - it would just take longer and cost more.
    Any nation blocking Chinese ships would find itself discovering the PLA(N) has some interesting ROE...
  12. Any country blocking PRC vessels would find it a pointless waste of time and money since the majority of traffic through their ports consists of non-PRC vessels.

    It would be a great way to expand the blockaders' range of enemies, though.