UK commits further £70m to Pakistan for flood relief

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Barrack Room Lawyer, Sep 20, 2010.

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  1. The UK is doubling its aid to Pakistan to help with the recovery from its devastating floods, pledging an extra £70m on top of £64m already committed.

    International Development Secretary Andrew Mitchell said the aid would help get children back into education, after some 8,000 schools were destroyed.

    Eight million people rely on handouts to survive, six weeks after the monsoon rains caused the flooding.

    Some 20 million people in an area larger than England have been affected.

    The amount of UK aid now totals £134m and this latest donation comes as the UN appealed for £1.3bn to help with the relief effort.

    Mr Mitchell said: "Aid so far has focused on keeping people alive. We need to continue to focus hard on the public health dangers, which remain extremely serious.

    "But we also now need to start helping people to get back on their feet.

    "With four out of five people affected by the floods dependent on farming, it is vital that we replace lost seeds, grains, and tools before the critical planting season next month and in November."

    BBC News - UK commits further £70m to Pakistan for flood relief

    Fair enough, help the needy etc etc but reading this:
    2010 Pakistan floods - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Compared to other nations, which seem to be fairing a lot better than ours at the moment, £134 million is a bit excessive isnt it?

    P.S And to make matters worse, after being caught with their hands in the cookie jar match fixing at cricket, they have the cheek to then accuse the England cricket team of match fixing!
    BBC Sport - Cricket - England to play ODI against Pakistan despite new twists
  2. UK commits further £70m to Taliban for flood relief

    Fixed that for you.
  3. Now it's corrected. No need to thank me.
  4. UK commits further £70m to Pakistan Gov't for limos, holiday homes in non-muslim countries, shopping sprees and whores.

    Fixed that for you.
  5. OMG you people are just soooooooooo cynical !!! LOL
  6. The only question is; are we cynical enough?
  7. It's commited, i doubt we will actually give that much but it ****ing stinks whichever way you slice it.
  8. And to thank us, they are closing the CHAMEN border crossing which supplies all UK troops for 10 days, in "mourning", we do it to ourselves I tell you.
  9. Could'nt agree more & meanwhile 'OUR' services are being cut & reduced to the hilt!!

    Good to see where certain priorities are....
  10. Dig a little deeper folks.
    The DFID press release is HERE:
    DFID - Mitchell: Britain to give major aid boost to Pakistan

    Now £ 70 million buys a lot of seed grain, skinny cows, and hand tools, even in these inflationary times. Chuck in a few prefab schools, even on Pakistani PFI contracts, and you are still looking at a significant chunk of spending unaccounted for.

    The harmless looking phrase 'public health' is, I think the give away, and also the reason that the UK has dug into its pocket yet again.
    About two weeks ago OXFAM published an alert on just this issue.
    Oxfam warns of severe health crisis in Pakistan as flood funding stalls » Oxfam News Blog

    Basically, the destruction of the whole drinking water, sewage and medical infrastructure in Southern Pakistan has turned it into a disease ridden, malarial swamp. Most emergency funding has gone to 'sexy' relief, like fly-covered babies, pregnant women etc. that the TV reporters can focus on.
    In a matter of weeks, Pakistan is likely to be the biggest reservoir of cholera, dysentry and malaria in the world.
    Guess which country has a large Pakistani community, with lots of international travel?
    Guess which country has an NHS that really doesn't want to have to spend a fortune on stamping out outbreaks of cholera, typhoid and all those other lovelies in the UK?

    This looks like a pre-emptive move by the Government. Spend it cheaply over there, rather than spend lots more over here when young Mohammed from Bradford comes back after seeing his auntie, and then goes to back to work in McBurgerking on Saturday.

  11. Pity we can't just ban international travel to Pakistan. Or quarantine anyone who has visited the country. About six months should do it; after that most of the Pakis who had contracted the disease would have died out. And we would have saved a small fortune.

    Oh well, we live in an imperfect world...
  12. The Americans used to use Ellis Island as a quarantine station to catch any mad or diseased immigrants entering the Land of the Free.
    I suppose we could use the Isle of Wight in the off season.
    It's pretty much like Night of the Living Dead there anyway.
  13. Let,s just face facts ..this once great country of ours is now****ed!!!Fucked I tell ya........****ed!!!
  14. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Stick to eating Bacon Sarnies and Pork Scratchings, and drinking Beer. You should be safe then, I'd have thought...
  15. £70,000,000? It's just not cricket!