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In my discharge red book there are 10 sets of dates that are listed under "UK (Clasified)" how would I get the locations of these trips, my memory is bad and I can't remember which is which trip and I was looking at the ACS medal, I need I believe 1080 days for it but I have 1073 listed as NI service, I'm sure one of the UK Classified is an NI trip which would give me the required 1080 days.

Any help appreciated.

edited to change number of days.
I think the required is 1080 bugly, but i'm assuming a typo there!!!

The medal office are able to check eligibility for medals from those that are no longer serving. Contact them, ask advice on the app procedure and they should be able to work out if you've done enough time in the right places.
Hey bugs, why you want another medal, it only adds to the bill for getting them all mounted.....

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