UK Civildefence and Protective Measures during OP GRANBY

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Crash, Jul 17, 2012.

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  1. Dear ARRSers,

    I am conducting some research into the UK domestic security measures taken during OP GRANBY (Aug 1990 - Feb 91). I have found very little information in the National Archives in Kew (apart from deployment of AFVs to Heathrwo), but at the time there were three particular matters which were mentioned in briefings:

    1. Clearing NHS hospitals of non-emergency and elective cases for the anticipated high number of UK cas that were expected. (one was the RVH Newcastle - I was seeing a student nurse there at the time)

    2. Establishment of a Detention centre under military guarding for Iraqi nationals detained in the UK - this was allegedly on SPTA and one Iraqi national was detained carrying suitcases full of US$.

    3. Deployment of assets to guard Fawley oil refinery, near Southampton.

    I'd apreciate any comments from SP who may have been involved in UK 'homeland security' measures during the first Gulf War. I certainly reall some Cold War plans being dusted off - RAF Regt QCS being deployed to guard RAF Coltishall, home of the Jaguar Force at the time.


  2. I do know that the John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford ( a stones throw from RAF Brize Norton) was prepared to empty beds if needed.
  3. Meh. You may need to give it a few years yet.

    Also, you have to bear in mind concerning the Granby home front that a lot of people involved in the planning aspects already had their P45s in their back pockets and may, just maybe, have tried to justify their continued employment with some specious or even fanciful notions.
  4. In all UK Mainland locations the RAOC EOD "Stood Up" the Reserve in addition to the normal Immediate an Standbye teams. There were certainly some TA ATs who became full time for the duration. The Public were warned of the possible Iraq-related terrorist threat which obviously led to an increase in (False) call outs but at least 1 IED task in my AOR was directly related
  5. the QCS rock sqn,was iirc send out in its war role to the shf,off subject a bit the air cadets that were on summer camp at colt,got put to work helping to prep the jags for spraying desert pink.we would more than likely slag other nations off for that.
  6. I didn't think that the first round of redundancies were announced until late 1991 (ie about 12 months later). I could be wrong...

    I understand from the US National Archives (Maryland State U) that the USAF hospital at RAF Nocton Hall (Lincs) was activated (though mercifully not used), along with RAF Birdlip, the psychiatric institution down the road from RAFH Wroughton, run by USAF.
  7. And also against the spirit of Child Soldier Conventions...(although not enacted then).
  8. We were told we would fulfill our war role, unfortunately for us that was UK Air Defence Ground Environment, so it was our day to day job. One of our more fatherly (ie old) Flight Sgts was to be dragged off to a hospital somewhere for the reception of mass casualtys, that ties in with the RVH Newcastle thing as we were at Ousten at the time.
  9. As to the affect on the NHS if you go on line for the Nursing Times for that period there were articles almost weekly about the plans. Also some stuff about nurses who ojected to the war, refused to go, were too old/fat to go etc. And I'm in one of the photos as well.

    Just had a look on line and the NT seems not to keep a backdate electronic copy pre 2000. Sorry. Some hospital libraries do have back copies though.
  10. Ahh, at the remote radar head. I was at SFC, Boulmer and moved down to Neatishead to oversee station defences & FP.
  11. Thanks for that - I'll look into the NT (and keep an eye out for you...).
  12. I was a JAFAD once, and proud.
  13. poor sod
  14. Why?
  15. Because he's planning a major terrorist attack for the next bout.