UK Civil war

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by junior_RLC, Aug 11, 2006.

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  1. This has been floating around my head for sometime now and whether its because theres sod all else in there or my young mind it over active but i just wondered what the wise thought.

    With the constant threat of home grown terrorists becoming ever more present, do any of you believe the threat of civil war over here are becoming increased.

    I mean about 7 of the suspects in yesterdays raids were from within ten miles of my home and one was just around the corner. And their certainly not the first. This grips me to feck and i dont like the idea of these types living in this once green and pleasent land.

    Just a thought. In my personal opinion its a matter of time before the situation flares up.
  2. careful, depends on what you mean by "these" types, but no, relax, there won't be a civil war any time soon, not enough of any minority believe enough in radicalism to take to the streets and kill their neighbours
  3. Nehustan

    Nehustan On ROPs

    I think you'll find that the geo-political positioning of the UK in the 21st Century is crux here. I put in another post that 60 years ago there was the 'Battle of Britian', contemporarily we have the 'Battle for Britain'. The guys who were caught yesterday win more battles for those who they claim as enemies than they do for Islam. Surely there is a battle underway, but it has not as yet left the intelligence war, is currently becoming strategic, and is moot whether it will ever become tactical in the manner you fear.
  4. No won't happen, don't worry about it, there is only a tiny minority of a minority. Its just that the media needs fodder and these days we all crave entertainment thrills and horror via the net and 24 hour rolling news - the new 'Penny Dreadfuls'. The minority of the minority provide that service.
  5. I beg to differ. i dont feel i can discuss my personal veiws in to much deapth on here for fear of wrongly being branded a racist. i went to a school with a large proportion of muslims. to see them cheering and joking about 9/11 made me want to kill the bas*ards! I think there is more than people believe!

    look at the marches the held in london with placards odering the murder of those who insult allah. they were young british muslims, walking around in ski masks wearing webbing!

    People wont stand for it forever!
  6. junior_RLC mate

    As long as you express yourself clearly, accept well constructed critisism and avoid delibreate use of racist language - you will not be branded a racist, you should certainly not fee that the thought Police are watching you here.
  7. I'll just add that a lot of users on this site are grizzled old bastards who would be genuinly interested in what real young people think, not just us middleaged t*****s pretending to be 'down' with the kids. Your imput is welcome.
  8. With the current number of 'terrorists' in the UK estimated at around the 500 mark and the number of muslims at only 1.6 million, I think there's still a way to go before I need to dust off my pike and round-head helmet and set of for Naseby.
  9. I understand mate. I just feel that there is a severe problem within the british muslim community. Im Not saying that they are all radical extreamists and evil people but the major terrorist threat comes from this section of the population.

    In my opininon to get rid of this problem, get rid of the roots! Harsh but growing up in these times is scary and i wont sit back and watch this country, my country, turn into israil or the lebanon. Im proud to be british and im not going to let some f*cked up c*#t ruin it!
  10. Funny you mention it.
    My cousin was recently over here from Plymouth.
    He was saying that the talk in pubs around there is exactly
    the type of talk there was here in Northern Ireland 40 odd years
    Tension growing between communities and all the while being
    driven apart by Government policy, wether it be the lack of immigration
    checks and the ever greater number of specialised schools for seperate
  11. In that case the best thing to do is not to play up to peoples fears.

    Whenever you are too worried about the Muslim "threat" and want to "send them back home" (as I heard in a pub last year after 7/7), just consider that if the 7/7 bombers and the lasted threat were actually dissident republicans... would you then consider sending all Christians back to where we come from (eg Israel/Lebanon!)?

    Basically get a grip and calm down.
  12. Some of the problem is we have the traditional British silent majority (within the minority if you will) that will condemn in private but will keep their mouths shut in public, after the demonstrations post 7/7 in London the majority of peace loving Muslim folk should have been on the streets the very next day letting us all know, but more importantly their minority know, that behaviour like that will not be tolerated.

    Instead we get a succession of Community leaders giving us platitudes with the caveat that well you must understand what has driven our young men to become radicalised. Bollox get somebody with a bit of clout in the community to get out there and tell them that it is not on and encouage the community to weed out the radicals from there mosques.

    The belief within the communities that not all Muslims are terrorists is absolutely correct but they must recognise that at the moment pretty much all terrorists are Muslim, and attempt to turn there young men away form that form of radicalised Islam "We" the wider population cannot do it for them that would only make the situation worse.

    So come on the silent Muslim majority stand up and be counted and reclaim your religion from the nutters.
  13. (By the way, I was replying to Junior RLC and not to you Roadless.)
  14. This country is too backward to do anything to stem the flow of extremism.Too lazy and too busy down the pub getting rat a*sed to even bother or notice whats going on and even bother :? doing or saying anything because it falls on deaf ears anyway.
  15. Im not flapping, i just want to protect my family from this sort of crap.