UK Citizenship test

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by tubbs1970, Apr 16, 2010.

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  1. Should we have to pass the UK citizenship test before been allowed to vote?

    This would confirm our awareness & understanding of the system we are voting in.

    If yes, i'd have just lost my right to vote!!

  2. i best leave then I only got 50% right oppss
  3. then again about half the questions have ZERO baring for someone resident and already taxed to death to pay for immigrants, sven & his ilk and brown's "stewardship" of this country.
  4. I got two wrong.... bizarely I didn't know the year when women got the chance to devorce their hubbies, and I thought that anyone still unemployed after six months had to join new-deal to continue receiving benefits.....
  5. Not got a British Passport? - Can't vote! Simples!
  6. failed 50% pretty radom selection of facts
  7. Is it mandatory to hold one? And we could just make some sort of test to earn the passport, which would equate to the same as a 'voting test'.

    Although it does fit in with my beleif that convicted people should lose their passports....
  8. I'm Welsh so it dont count
  9. That would include people who refuse to get the biometric one on a point of principle? You'd be happy to see people disenfranchised for objecting to government policy?
  10. Everyone should be made to have a passport or ID card. It proves a person has the right to be here and the right to work, and proves they who they claim to be.
  11. A substantial number of people (including Conservatives) disagree with your first point and your second point doesn't stand up in the face of the prevalence of identity theft. All an ID card proves is who that ID card says you are, nothing more.

    See you at the ballot box.
  12. Bollocks. I was born here, I pay my taxes and so I can vote. I only need a passport to leave and re-enter this country.
  13. You have failed the practice citizenship test.

    Questions answered correctly: 12 out of 24 (50%)

    Time taken: 05 minutes 16 seconds

    oh well, back to the hole i go then. I concure they are the most irrelevant facts about "UK life". Nothing about the monarchy, nothing about the great wars, - it's all a load of SH!T...
  14. I only managed to achieve 54%. I put this down to the fact that most of the questions have absolutely nothing to do with being British.
  15. Indeed.

    You have failed the practice citizenship test.

    Questions answered correctly: 12 out of 24 (50%)

    Time taken: 04 minutes 13 seconds