UK Citizenship Test

Fire up the Deportation Bus .. I got 50% !!


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I just got 46%.
Who really needs to know some of that crap, especially the statistics.

I'll just stay here in the land of the Jocks, awaiting independance!
auscam said:
45 minutes for 24 questions? Is the test administered by Morse Code?
The questions are punched into the candidate who then needs some time to recover before being able to sit behind the desk again and operate the mouse accurately.

45 minutes is a bit meager though if the questionaire is slightly dyslectic with his fitsts.


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67% - I think I may be a . . . . . . . immigrant! 8O

Bit curious as to why the fcuk are half the question about the EU?

Apparently I don't have the neccesary knowledge on how and when to claim benefits. Which over 50% of my questions were on!!!!

Other questions, what is a QUANGO, and a question on the speed limit on a single carriage way road....surely that should be covered in a seperate test called "the UK Driving Exam"?

I however have a plan, I'm going to buy a caravan and become a pikey, nobody can touch me then!
You have failed the practice citizenship test.

Questions answered correctly: 15 out of 24 (63%)

What the fook has the EU got to do with being British? Why does anyone coming here need to know what year Divorce became Legal?

Now I'm an immigrant can I stop paying rent and council tax? I wants my benefits innit, hooooman rite geezer I's entitled.
vvaannmmaann said:
I managed 63%,and still failed. :(
I have packed,and am awaiting deportation.
Get've already won the 'lottery of life' by being born a Brit...this test is for losers like Johhny foriegner...fuzzy wuzzies...slitty eyes...spics...krauts..micks(eire)...greasers...pike...oooops...'travelling folk'...etc...sit back, enjoy your rightfull 'benefits'... :D
63%and failed,FFS I've lived here for 74 years,will I get deporte?if so,please will it be somewhere warm and can i keep my disability benifit and pension credit.
IF you live in Wales you might have a problem with the question on prescription charges, since prescriptions are free to everyone. The questions do seem to be weighted towards scrounging from the state, however.


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Just had a thought about the test standard . . . . . . it's rather high, which is rather good . . . . . . . oh bollarks, there's a link to the crib sheet on the same page as the fcuking test!

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