UK charity War On Want banned by PayPal over terrorist funding

War on Want, the international anti-poverty charity beloved of union barons and wealth lefty media types has been banned by PayPal over their links to Islamic terrorists.

A campaigning group called UK Lawyers for Israel (UKLFI) alleged the charity had links to the terror group Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine.

PFLP, which the UK Government designates a terrorist organisation, is said to benefit from War on Want’s international programmes delivered through the charity's partner organisations, UKLFI said.

Paypal withdrew its services after UKLFI and the Lawfare Project highlighted a complaint the two groups had submitted to the Charity Commission.

War on Want has been subject to investigation into it's charitable status previously after George Galloway was general secretary and when the Charity Commission found that financial reports were "materially mis-stated." Galloway subsequently repaid expenses that had been claimed 'erroneously'.

However they don't spend all their money on funding terrorism, they're currently looking to pay £70k pa for someone to be their Executive Director.

War on Want patrons include writer Owen Jones and Mark Serwotka, General Secretary of the PCS Union.
If PayPal have pulled their plug on those grounds, that raises a huge Red Flag for every other Alternative Payment Method, Payment Processors and Financial Institutions in general.

Another charity now a Fake Charity whose priority is promoting Left SJW agenda whilst enriching employees.

Poverty is at an all time low:


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