UK Calls For a Transforming, Laser-Toting Stealth UAV

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by PE4rocks, Nov 11, 2009.

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  1. Source: Popsci

    I have put an edible hat to one side but do not anticipate having to dine on it anytime soon.
  2. And when they become self-aware we can look forward to James bloody Cameron saying "I told you so - three times and a spin-off TV series. What more did you want?"
  3. Although I haven't been involved with unmanned aircraft for a long time now it has been clear for years this is the way the MOD has wanted to go. The days of live brylcreem boy jet jockeys may at last be limited.
  4. Didn't we hear that in the 1950's? :)
  5. 6 years late, £2,349,000bn over budget,wont work in the rain/dark,obselete before completion,no personel to make it work ?
  6. Ding

    Anything from the top shelf Sir.
  7. Not quite just the suggestion that the brycreem boys be replace with Brocks Rockets, or rarther that missiles would be so effective one would not fly manned aircaft against them. Mr Sandys seemed to forget the combination of the engineers over enthusiasm and mans ingenuity when it comes to countermeasures.
  8. it will become self aware.
    refuse to fly anywhere there isn't an apprecitative audience :evil:
    demand a 5 star hanger
    get busy with its laser if it even suspects its not the centre of attention :twisted:

    fit right in with the RAF :roll:
  9. You missed out "launches its own clothing line"...
  10. that you will have to buy :evil:
    its got a laser ands prepared to use it.

    royal renamed as amphibous airfield support to prepark carriers at the best posing spots
    army rerolled as the RAF CORP (the horror) :twisted:
  11. Bravo! Now that is funny :)
  12. So will operators of the "Novel Air Concept" be known as NACers?
  13. Does that mean the Navy can finally get some Sharks With Frikin' Laser-Beams Attached? :twisted:
  15. How are we going to pay for these technological marvels?

    And will the brylcream boys allow it? Or will we get lots of desk bound pilots explaining why a 19 year old ranker can't possibly compete with a commisioned RAF pilot with 6 years of fast jet training behind him....

    Read Octs FHM for the article at teh back on this very subject, but in the US Forces :D