UK Border Checks......whats the problem?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by dante242, May 6, 2012.

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  1. Scratching my head as to why this is such a big problem.......then this

    While Clarkson's comments lacked "diplomacy" Jeremy Clarkson claims delays at Heathrow could be solved with a bit of racism | Mail Online

    Palmer here Our border staff must be allowed to discriminate over which travellers they check - Telegraph states the same thing but without the angst of those that will always be offended........

    The common sense approach seems to me that checks should be "Intelligence led" and not using the current blanket approach.....what is the answer any ideas ?
  2. Whats the problem? In the last month I travelled through Heathrow 4 times, each time there were only ethnic minorities on the desks(some could just about hold a conversation in English). Twice I went through and they were scrutinising white peoples passports, but letting "ethnics" through with just a glance.

    Thats the problem.
  3. "Intelligence led"

    There's your problem.
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  4. The problem? Random checks rather than profiling.

    My mum is 72 years old and 5' 2" and rather frail. She hardly fit the profile if a hardened jihaddi, yet she routinely gets the full checks and searches bollocks at thiefrow while swarthy men with beards, dishdash's and a bad attitude are waved through.
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  5. I new that was coming LoL........I use Amsterdam as my main hub.....although the constant searching does pee me off
  6. So true.
  7. Quite - just putting right years of institutional soundism by employing all those people living directly under the Heathrow flight paths. A secondary (but entirely unrelated) benefit is on-hand subject matter expertise on fast-track access to benefits and welfare.
  8. Your mum gets the full checks and searches her bollocks? :eek:

    Personally I don't see what the problem is with a bit of waiting, it's not as if they are delaying people on purpose. People complain far too much, "too many immigrants in the country" so they increase border checks, "too long waiting in the que, they should be checking the darkies not me". What a bunch of mindless bigoted whining morons, using any excuse to have a good old moan about the government, that is the problem.
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  9. ...the what?

    PS. Are you one of those lesbian types? If so I fully understand, and share, your concerns re reduction in body searches.
  10. Instead of making soldiers redundant, make a number of OCE posts at Security & Border Control.

    Soldiers don't get kicked out (saving redundancy money)
    Border Control is tighter (especially if they are armed)

    Win win!
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  11. Might up set the unions..............
  12. The Iris recognition system, which increased the cost of passports and would speed things up, hasn't worked on the last 3 occasions I've come into UK (once at East Mids and twice at Gatwick). On flights to Spain, all passport details have to be logged in before flying and passengers from UK very occasionally get their passports checked when entering the country despite not being a part of the Schengen agreement. Is this too difficult for UK airports?

  13. Meh....
  14. I don't think that the government wants the border force to be very efficient. It wants it to look efficient. If they detain lots oof people then they have to be accommodated and all the rest.
    What needs to be more efficient is the way visas are granted at embassies. Employing a local to issue student and tourist visas seems to be an invitation to corroupt practice.
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