UK Border Agency Automated Help Line....NOT!

I suspect this should really go into the Pay Personnel threads but firstly i just want to let off steam in here :evil:
I have a South African soldier who has lost his passport...idiot, had bollocking, now reapplying!
Mother is able to do it in SA, and is now in process of doing so.
Trouble is, SA Embassy have said that if she sends the Passport to him, he will be illegally here as it will not have a visa stamp in it, from the UKBA. Fair one, so im hoping that he doesnt have to fly on his temp passport, pick up his new one in SA, and then rtn via UKBA and get this hallowed stamp.
So i decided to ring the UKBA Helpline....well i advise anyone, dont. You dont get through to anyone, its all unhelpful automated services and at one point, was told that there are no helpline slots available for the month of Aug, please ring again in Sept!!! 8O
So, i will post my question in Pay Pers etc, but for those still reading, anyone with Chief Clerk knowledge, would it be possible for this soldier to go to the nearest UKBA Office and get a stamp as he will surely(!) be on the database from his original visa entry?
I have to deal with this atrocious bunch of ration thieves on a semi-regular basis in my real life and would gladly pull a park bench up against the door of their burning building. It's no consolation, I know, but they're ludicrously bad this year even by their own normally low standards.

I think it will depend on the nature of his leave to remain, but there is an option to attend a visa centre in person and get your documentation sorted there and then - for the usual stratospheric fee.

Did I mention they're all cunts yet? Strange, it's usually one of the first things...
Money talks, look into getting an agency to do it for you...........


Don't get me started on the UKBA, I've had dealings with them both personally and professionally and they are a monumental pain in the hoop. I still can't work out WHY it costs £500 to get an entry clearance visa and I'd love to know what this is spent on. Tubes. Anyway, had a soldier in s similar situation and after 20 mins on the 'helpline' and getting nowhere fast I eventually gave up. Cogitated for a little while and realised that there are immigration lawyers who specialise in this sort of thing and told him to go and find one and let me know how he got on. He found a suitable bod and his application is being processed as we speak. My advice? Get an immigration lawyer to sort him out, it'll save you gnashing your teeth and he can sort his own crap admin out rather than relying on someone else.

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