UK Beaches when did you last have a swim in the sea.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by dontenn, Mar 27, 2013.

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  1. Summer Warning: UK Beach Water Quality Worse

    The last time I swam in the sea around the UK was Newquay in 1983 while adventure training and Scarborough back in the late 70s as a boy. Over the years as a family my children have never wanted to have a dip, possibily due to the movie JAWS. The cleanist and clearist water I have seen was in 1996 in Salamis Northern Cyprus while serving with the UN. I was suprised to see flat fish fry swimming around our feet couple of metres into the sea.

    The worst was Aya Napa same year around late afternoon when the sluce pipe discharged sewage - shit house paper - tampoons and thick clear slime drifted into the bathing part.
  2. The cypriot policy of saving up sewage until the beach is full of Brits would seem to be paying off!
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  3. It's always amazed me. In Britain, our sewage is treated before the nominally drinking water quality residual liquid is discharged into the sea. The currents around Britain rapidly displace the seawater, be it it North Sea or Irish Sea, and replace it with clean Atlantic water. And we get crap water cleanliness results.

    In Cyprus and many other lands in or bordering the Med, it's not uncommon for raw sewage to be emptied directly into the sea. There's little net movement of the water to flush the nasties away or to dilute the effluent. Yet water quality is thought to be so much better than that around the UK.

    Is there a different method of determining water quality? Or are the results skewed by temperature or the presence of sand (which is held in suspension around the UK but which settles in the Med)? Or are the analysts lying?

    Last time I swam off the UK coast? I can't recall ever venturing out deep enough. Besides, I've never owned a wet suit which I think is an essential to ward off hypothermia.
  4. Come to sunny Burnham on Sea.
    I'm not saying the water's murky, but you can walk on it.
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  5. 20130131_113333.jpg

    Can't remember when I last swam in the sea anywhere let a lone Britain!
    But as the pic shows there is fuck all wrong with the sea water cleanliness around Shetland!
    Pic taken this year at end of Jan :)
  6. Norfolk's beaches have all been passed as clean again. The North Sea is a bit too fucking cold to swim in though, even in summer but it doesn't stop the Londoners pitching up like a plague of Rhyming Slang spewing locusts unfortunately.
  7. FrosteeMARIA

    FrosteeMARIA LE Gallery Guru

    Torbay/Torquay used to be fairly clean, and Porlock Bay was ok......but I can't swim. I do go out on boats and jetski though.
    Cleanest bit of coast I ever saw was St Kilda beach in Melbourne. Even if I could swim, I wouldn't in any bit of ocean. Don't want to be a shark biscuit!
  8. In the North Sea at Scarborough, March 198-something. To prove to my then g/f that my mate was lying when he said I couldn't swim. The things you do after 4 pints of Old P...

    Give her her due, my then g/f, a southroner from Kent, came in and got hypothermia too.
  9. July 2012 off Cornwall and it was crystal clear. Easter and summer 2011 off Devon and various places off Wales. Also clean and pleasant.

    Heading off to Pembrokeshire this Easter and I don't rule out jumping in for a brief swim if we get the chance (in wetsuits), when I would be expecting it to be clean but bloody freezing!
  10. March 4th in Porthcothan Bay near Newquay whilst Kayak was a bit cold, tasted ok though whilst I was trying not to drown.
  11. Durdle Door :)
  12. Blackpool (the whore of the West Coast) has once again failed miserably, yet thousands flock there each year. Southport (the dainty Victorian lady), Ainsdale, Formby, Hall Road and Mariners Road (Crosby) beaches have all passed again, but have many less visitors (except Scousers).

    It's about time Sefton Council extolled the virtues of the "clean" sea water and superb beaches and facilities available locally - instead we have Blackpool *spit* lording it over every locale known to man.

    PS Did I say I HATE fucking Blackpool?
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  13. June last year, in the Adriatic at Gabicce Mare. Water quality was good.
  14. Blackpool beach is great. There's nothing like the feel of Crude Oil between your toes.
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  15. And the waft of shale gas in your nostrils as the earth moves for you :thumright:
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