UK Based Insurance for BFG Motorcycles

Hope someone can help. I am looking for a UK insurer who will cover motorcycles in BFG. I know some car insurers will provide cover, cannot find any bike ones. I guess this might because of the small market, but with the reduction of Forces in BFG, it may not be long before it will be hard to get car insurance as well. Is anyone in UKSC doing anything to get UK insurers 'on side' and creating at least a mildly competitive system?

Rant over, so back to the question: has anyone got a UK insurer to cover them for their motorbike? Thanks
My experience of German Insurers was that they were vastly superior to UK ones. Particularly given some of the peculiarities of German Law.
IIRC you had to be insured 3rd party any driver to cover 3rd party damage if your car was stolen.
With German insurance they only loaded you for age and inexperience. You could get as many speeding fines as you want or even lose your licence for speeding (or anything else) but unless you made a claim your insurance was unaffected.
You might have to look on the local market but there must be German Bike Insurance out there, contact the ADAC (German AA) they should be able to help you.
Roger, there is German insurance and in the days of old (FFR £1 to 1.6 Euros) it looked quite reasonable but now it is bloody expensive; twice UK price (for UK cover) for only TPFT. I know that UK would change more for BFG cover than domestic, but it might be an option.
Have you spoken with some of them? I was with DAC, some bird called dagma ran the bfg side out of MG.
TBH all bike insurance was hideous in Germany, I never once had fully comp in 9 years of riding out there
Surely there must be other bike riders in your unit that you can ask?
If not, PM me and I will provide you the name of a friend who rides in Germany on a BFGd bike.

As I recall though there never were many UK insurers who would give you cover for residence in Germany.

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