UK Arrest in Connection with Iraq Suicide Bombings

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Vegetius, Jun 21, 2005.

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  1. The family of one of the suicide bombers who travelled from the UK to Israel a couple of years ago were had up over inciting terrorism. Wonder if this is similar?

  2. Take them all to the Dems Ground - strap one of them up with a little 'white noise'............. make the families watch from the splinterproof.

    'Allah Akbar' my arrse.............

    Take their citizenship away...... expell the blighters. (But not to Australia like the last time we tried it - I go there a lot and wouldn't like to see it overrun).

    Perhaps Pakistan would take them? They seem to be letting any other terrorist/insurgent/mad fcuker lie low there.

  3. Was there not some bloke who we nicked in 2003 in the Prisoner of War Compound who was bragging that he was from the UK, living on benefits and was going to be home faster than the soldiers guarding him.

    So this chap in Manchester is probably going to get some really balanced civil rights lawyer to defend his right to indescriminately kill and maim people in the name of Allah. Really glad the Nuremburg Trials were not being conducted now, they'd have all probably got off!
  4. Charge him with treason if he's got UK nationality.
  5. Please remember you are innocent until proven guilty
    (Under english/welsh law)
  6. ^ Good input.
  7. Innocent until proven guilty?

    Try telling that to those in Guantannamo Bay or come to think of it.......... those people in Belmarsh Jail over here.

    They've been held for years now without charge or trial............

    Stick THAT in your law book and smoke it.
  8. Yes but if the offence was committed in Iraq they should be tried in Iraq
  9. "UK Law" - when did they sneek that one in?
  10. ........English/Welsh law or Scottish law?
  11. Please try him under Iraqi law.......please please please.......!
  12. Some law student you are!

    (Lt George in Blackadder Goes Forth springs to mind)
  13. english and welsh law
  14. So in what way does Scots Law differ here exactly? March in the guilty B - he's the one in plaid?
  15. ^ Ha ha ha!!! I get to be a spotter again! :D

    Although there are myriad differences (and some really big ones) between English/ Welsh law and Scots law (particularly with regards to procedure), the two main Terrorism Acts (TA 2000 & T, C & Sy Act 2001) work identically in both jurisdictions. Furthermore, constables from either juristiction may execute powers under the act in the other. So, an English cop may perform all the powers of constable in Scotland (where, technically he isn't a cop) if operating under the Act.

    No problems, it was my pleasure.