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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by CQMS, Sep 17, 2008.

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  1. I still believe that Nue Labour has done some sort of 'Deal' to eventually replace The Old British military with It's 'Contribution' to a Euro Force.
    Break the Old Military, the Public won't even notice or in these days of Economic Crisis, care, and then reorganize and form the Nue Euro Army.
  2. i also get the feeling that the labour leadership are infatuated with the possibility of becoming european president.

    political unoins which last are built upon cultural commonalities, particularly language. we are NOT a united europe and will not be for the forseeable future. forcing the United states of europe onto the UK population is nothing short of treason.

    run down our defences as a political move? easily within the mindset of labour, who have shown time and again that their power comes before the country.
  3. Economic woes.
    A government that will not match defence spending to external threats.

    All we need now, is Hitler and we will be back in the good old days of the Great Depression
  4. It has some interesting points to make, but it's spoiled by a load of lazy journo tonk; the 1930s were a decade of unprecedented increases in the defence vote. How else would we have paid for the creation of Fighter Command, several hundred Spitfires and Hurricanes, the Chain Home and Chain Home Low radar networks, not to mention a huge expansion of the RAFVR, TA, and RNR? If you want to pick a decade of short-termist defence cuts, it's the 1920s.

    If the UKNDA is turning out poorly written stuff like this, no-one will take them seriously.
  5. the point is that after WWI (the war to end all wars) we bought wholesale into the 'peace dividend' which led the dictator nations to believe they could successfully spread their influence by force. in the 30s it was finally realised in the UK that war was coming and there was MASSIVE rearming at great expense. If only we had maintained better forces, perhaps the nazis would not have been so keen to go on the rampage. WWII would certainly have been much shorter.

    it amazes me that labour are so short sighted.
  6. It'd be easier to judge whether the UKNDA has turned out a poor report or whether they've been let down by the Torygraph's sub-editing if a copy of the report/discussion paper were accessible on their website; hopefully a launch is planned for the morning and it'll appear on the website then, otherwise the argument is going to be picked apart on the basis of a couple of reports in the broadsheets (and, it would appear, The Bearsden Herald).

    As things stand, the only material out there at the moment (the press) suggests that the UKNDA are calling for a £13.2bn increase in defence spending, which is going to seem remarkably out of touch to anyone who's just reached the story after going through the 'Stock Market Crisis - We're All Doomed!" coverage preceding it, which may suggest to many readers that any major increases in public spending aren't on at the moment.

    Unless there was some absolutely essential reason for releasing the report now, firing it out into the world at a time when hardened bankers appear to be hiding in a corner sobbing 'Mummy, please make it go away' and the Sun is so spooked it's providing a handy guide to economic meltdown for its readers (according to their political editor on the radio this afternoon), the decision to attempt to make an impact today seems a bit ill-judged...
  7. Too bad the UK is in it's longest sustained period of wartime operations for 63 years at a time when most of the biggest-ticket items had been in service for 25-40 years.

  8. Quote:
    "The MoD said the Defence budget had experienced its longest period of sustained real growth for over 30 years."

    One of my friends is an accountant. One of his favorite lines is
    Did you obtain Value for Money.
    So often Governments do not obtain Value for money. The amounts wasted by the current Labour administration are baffling. 'The First Post' once listed in Figures the sum raised by Gorden Brown in Stealth taxes.
    I could not say in words the sum involved for it was that large and beyond my comprehension.