UK Apache down, Afgan

Heard from a very credible source that a British Apache is laying on its side after crashing in Afganistan.

Crew been recovered and taken to hospital.

Speedy recovery to the crew.
On the assumption that this is true, can I request all involved not to speculate about the cause. This will be determined by the BOI in due course.

Hope all involved make a full recovery.
On the assumption that this is true
Wouldn't have posted if it wasn't..... not in the habit of inventing stories about crashed helicopters and injured friends.
Helicopters can be replaced, glad the crew made it. Get well soon lads.
Oh god, as if they haven't had to cope with enough recenly.

I hope the crew are not too badly injured & in the hands of the BSN Med Gp.
Im more worried about how it went down. Not speculating Bad CO, just hoping to fcuk its not been in contact.

Glad the crew are okay - take it easy lads.
Doesn't matter how it went down so long as the crew are ok.

Like BCO says, no point in speculation, the BOI will square that away.
Spent a few years working on these; crashworthiness is second to none, lets hope the crew are both OK.
hope there up and about soon
hate to be billed for an apache though would make a dent even in a pilots wage packet :twisted:
UK Apache crashes in Afghanistan, crew safe
By Craig Hoyle

The British Army on 4 September suffered its first accident involving the Boeing/Westland Apache AH1 attack helicopter since deploying the type to Afghanistan in April 2006.

“A British Apache crashed shortly after take off from near FOB [forward operating base] Edinburgh in Helmand,” says Lt Col David Reynolds, a spokesman for British forces operating in the Province.

“Both crew were unharmed and returned to the FOB. The site of the crash is secure and a Board of Inquiry will be convened to investigate the cause of the accident. However, enemy action has been ruled out.”

Further information, such as the extent of the damage caused to the aircraft, has not been released, although unconfirmed reports say the Apache ended up on its side.

The army has a total fleet of 67 Apache AH1s, developed from Boeing’s AH-64D Apache Longbow model. All are equipped with a Lockheed Martin mast-mounted Longbow fire control radar and Rolls-Royce Turbomecca RTM322 engines.
Taken from:

so that will be a fleet of 66 now :cry:
Shudder to think what might have happened if it had come down later in the flight. Speedy recovery to the crew.
Good to hear the crew are okay.

I wonder if its the dust? Just read today in an aviation magazine that the dutch sent back one of their Chinnooks for servicing in the US, and they removed over 150kgs of it from the entire airframe!

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