UK anti terrorism laws

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by KyleH, Mar 25, 2010.

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  1. Doesn't the UK have laws that jail people like George Galloway who donate money to terrorists?

    The real reason he didn't make his speaking engagement here in Canada last year was because he would have been charged with aiding and abbeting a terrorist group(Hammas)under Canada's Anti Terrorism Act.
  2. Anti Terrorism laws in this country,aren't applied to assholes like Galloway,because it would involve the Police in making a "value judgement",that involve using their common sense,and the Crown Prosecution Service growing a set of balls. :x

    They do however apply to Senior Citizens,walking around with a T shirt displaying a slogan which doubts the veracity of our former Prime Minister,and the current government! 8O
  3. FFS were the only country in the world where a man ( me) wearing a regimental berret,regimental tie,and blazer with regimental badge,carrying a gurkha kukri, in a crowd of similarly dressed people can be threatened with arrest under the Terrorism laws for taking Photographs by a police officer who looked about 12 but had the mentality of a 5 year old
  4. Think that you are talking a load of poo. George may be a bit of a tit, but he does get a lot of things right...

    Anyway, i am sorry, but i think that you had better research a bit more on George; he is quite an interesting bloke and not as stupid as may might think... one thing for sure, if anyone has understand that middle east and its workings, its this bloke.

    thats my take anyway :)
  5. Well, he does have a personal interest in the Middle East - being Palestinian and all...
  6. Anyone who makes an interpreter cope with the word "indefatigability" can't be all bad.
    Although there was that 'Big Brother' "dressed as a cat" situation.
  7. Yes his fawning sycophancy of Saddam Hussain even made Saddam think he was a prize piece of shit! Not forgetting of course his expertise in pocketing "backshees" without leaving a guilty trail is almost without parallel in the corrupt sphere of westminster! :twisted: :twisted:
  8. Galloway is an tit of the highest order. He let the Islamic community he claims to serve seriously down when he appeared on the BB programme dressed as a cat. He has the worst record for appearances of any MP currently serving in Parliment, for which he draws a considerable amount of cash. This cash would seem to fund his personal crusades and his lifestyle in Portugal. Cnut :x

    That being said, I'd very much like to see both him and Livingston quizzed further on their dealings with personalities considered very hostile to UK interests.
  9. I think that George has been investigated more than any living MP. yes, he is a tit, and can't do a very good impression of a cat; but has got rightly or wrongly the ear of some key players in the middle east.

    Have to say as someone who is a member of RUSI (and of Jewish roots (no skin off my nose thou!)), that George does have some very valid points about how to understand and settle some of the main issues of the middle east.

    On the subject of Israel, i think that it is quite sad that they have turned in to US/UK backed bullies. time for them to be brought down to earth and back to the table for talks.
  10. Anyone who cried his eyes out the day the Soviet Union disolved and is now trying his best to undermine our efforts against Muslim terrorists is well understood and belongs in a prison away from regular people.