UK announces £5m aid for Zimbabwe

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by SKJOLD, Jun 22, 2009.

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  1. £5m for Zimbabwe
    Dinng ding all aboard :x
    If I beleived for one second that it would go directly to those that need it then I would not be so bothered.
  2. Why?????????? We all know where it will end up, afterall we have plenty of money sloshing around at the moment thanks to Gordo?

    I've just read the whole link, this takes out total this year for uncle Bob to £60 million :roll: , even the Yanks have only given 40 mil. Un fecking believable.
  3. What the fnuck is going on here. Does he (Brown) really think this is going to go to the people that need it. I also didn't realise that this takes this years amount already given to 60 million!

    'Zimbabwe says it needs $8bn (£4.9bn) to revive its shattered economy.'

    Zimbabwe or Mugabe? I understand that a lot of people are suffering and help is needed but shouldn't we take out Mugabe first. It looks as if he's using Tsvangirai as his puppet around the world to line his own pocket and cushty lifestyle why his 'people' suffer.

    'Mr Tsvangirai had been expected to ask Mr Brown to lift sanctions against Mr Mugabe and his officials '
  4. Better spent on some PMC's to go in and take out mugabe and his cronies.
  5. And thats why i never give to charities for foreigners im already donating by paying tax so fcuk em
  6. can anyone tell me what has changed in Zimbabwe to warrant the increase in aid? Is the political system any better or has President-for-life Morgrabin' turned over a new leaf and stood down? Do we have any proof that any of this aid is actually going to reach the needy or is it as usual going to line his and his henchmen's pockets

    i know it sounds harsh but until the regime changes to one that isnt anti British why should we be gving them any aid whatsoever.

    Shouldnt we also be thinking of using our taxes on rebuilding our own country before we think of propping up this tinpot dictator?

    the ordinary people of Zimbabwe have my sympathy but until Mogabe goes we shouldnt be sending them any aid at all.

    this 5 million was an opportunity for brown to get his mug on tv and try to pretend he is an international statesman who has money to burn. unfortunately its our money and the kitty is almost empty
  7. Now the immediate danger of a coup in the Labour party is over, Gordon needs to cheer himself up a bit. Dropping a large amount of our money on a cause that he deems to be worthy does that quite nicely.

    Gordon can now sleep easy at night and dream of formerly impoverished Zimbabwean kiddies kissing the feet of their Messiah in gratitude, clutching his legs for fear he'll desert them, rubbing their little faces against his [MOD EDIT: DELETED]

    It's rather ironic that now uncle Bob has stopped using photocopied Zimbo dollars, Gordon will be supplying him with sterling fresh of the quantative easing printing presses.
  8. £5,000,000.

    So - Rather than admitting your own country is falling to pieces and keeping some of your spare change in the bank for the rainy days we are currently having we should instead give £5,000,000 to a fellow corrupt government so they can line the pockets of their leaders some more.

    The fact that my local ambulance station is fielding 3 year old ambulances which are falling to pieces (and only has two).
    The local school is going to have to shut through underfunding.
    Our Police cars spend more time off the road than they do on.
    Our hospital staff are overwhelmed on the weekends.
    The RNLI rely on people putting money in pots in order to save lives around the UK.
    The RSPCA as above.
    God knows how many people are losing their jobs because companies are skint.
    British Airways wants its staff to work for free.
    My route to work takes me along a road which is of a similar quality to an Iraqi Air Force Runway after the RAF have done their thing.
    We have pensioners freezing to death in the winters.
    We have ex servicemen living rough.
    We have reserve forces forced to cancel training.
    We don't even have the cash to build a prison for our new breed of career criminals and life long spongers.

    I could go on. We have all of the above but yet we can afford to line Bob Mugabe's pockets and make sure he has a decent suit to wear for the next time he fiddles an election and ends up on the press as the world do nothing. Next we'll be giving cash to countries with their own Space Program. :roll:

    Gordon Brown - You are a complete fool. You are a drain on society and you are destroying The United Kingdom as we once knew it. Surely your only intention is to turn the entire country against Parliament and home grown politicians so that the only solution is to merge completely with Europe and for us to become a French/German/Belgian/Czech County. I want to leave as I no longer have a say what you do with my money, none of us do.
  9. Well, that is a huge relief. I've been losing sleep for weeks now about how poor Bob is going to be able to afford his next mansion/private airport/shopping trip to Paris/brightly coloured election T shirts. Thank God we have a Prime Minister with such wisdom and generosity with other peoples money. :x :x :x :x
  10. After all the Farmers have been, beaten, murdered or just chased into exile and the indigenous and corrupt ruling party and their General's have destroyed all that is left, we now have to put £5million into Mugabe's personal Swiss Bank Account just so that he can flee and have nice little pension pot to see out his day's with?

    I always knew that our Gordon was modelling his ideal of Democracy on Bob's proven business plan.

    This is disgusting.
  11. Is this really the same country that terrorised British families and forced them to leave their farms and land?
  12. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    The state of Africa is a stain on the world. I was going to say that it is mainly self inflicted but the people who suffer from corrupt governments cannot really be said to have brought that on them selves.

    I have no problems with donating or investing money in Africa provided there is a sporting chance of it ending up where it is needed. Unfortunately I share the general skepticism about where this money will end up.

    Tsangeri has a difficult trick to do. He has to deliver results at home whilst at the same time reassure us that we are not just pouring money down the drain.
  13. If the Continent of Africa wasn't so fecking Corrupt, lazy or just hell bent on stealing everything that they could get their hands on; then with all the natural mineral, wildlife and human resources that they have they could be a major player in the world of democracy and power.

    But alas, when the ruling comonwealth had put everything into some sort of order and most had a role in society (obviously not without fault) they had to have everything and therefore wanted their Independance. Problem being was that they never had the ability to keep the show running.
  14. Err, don't you mean 'reacted in a perfectly justifiable way to decades of racist, colonial oppression'?

    I heard Bob's wife (and former secretary) can blow a hundred grand on shoes on one of her shopping trips in the Far East.
  15. Will no one rid of us of that deranged fooking lunatic with the god complex? Brown that is.
    What logic is there in putting another £5,000,000 into Mugabe's pocket?

    I really do fooking dispair.