UK And US Diplomats Held In Zimbabwe

a step too far maybe!!!!

this could get a little messy,,,30200-1318196,00.html

British and American diplomats have been detained at gunpoint by police in Zimbabwe, according to Sky News sources.

Police in Zimbabwe"My understanding is three vehicles, one British and two American, left Harare this morning to visit victims of political violence in Zimbabwe," said Sky's foreign affairs editor Tim Marshall.

"A house was surrounded, the roads were blocked and they were held at gunpoint.

"The British broke away first, got into their vehicle and battered another vehicle out of the road to get out of the way.

"The US diplomats got into the second car, went over some spikes in the road, blew their tyres but got away.


"The third vehicle is still there. The house is still surrounded and I think there are still three US diplomats held at gunpoint."

A US spokesman said he believed more than three diplomats were still being held.

"They are still holding five Americans, two Zimbabwean staff and four Britons, almost five hours after the incident," Mark Weinburg said.

"The Ministry of Foreign Affairs promised to send staff to get our people out, but they are still being held at the roadblock."
I can hear a big "oh shit" coming any time soon...


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How f*cking dumb is Mugabe? He seams to be intent on pocking the tiger, eventually, it will probably bite.
somebody do the world a favour and slot mugabe.

theres a time and place to play nice, and this isn't it.

He's doing this as a political maneuver. standing up to the US and UK makes him look big,....... or so he thinks. Didn't saddam try that?



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Both countries have gone to war for far less. And recently as well. Yesterday Bob's bully boys arrested the leader of the MDC as well. Is it collosal arogance or does he want to get forced out in a "regime change"? As it stands all it would need is a company of pissed up booties on a particularly ambitious dare. They'd be done before they's sobered up.
Main exports: Tobacco, cotton, agricultural products, gold, minerals

Unashamedly taken from the BBC. This is probably before Bob destroyed the economy though.
well it looks possibly like the US n A will do something more than the UK, as Brown has no Experince....Hang on Hang on,wait a minute could this be Browns moment, (Maggie had her war, Bliar had his)?? Hmm
A couple of Tomahawks delivered promptly to:

S17 34'45.17, E031 01'31.50

should sent an appropriate message. (Um Bob's retirement palace.)
Bob wants a war/unrest so he can round the lot up and claim he is protecting people. The MDC are doing the right thing by not doing anything to give him the slightest cause to put the troops on the street.

He is poking the tiger and wants shots fired. Is he still in Italy?
Zimbabwe's senior chief police commissioner is one of Doc MugsBabies old "war cronies", and one of the many who would stand to loose out significantly if justice were ever to prevail for the Zimbabwean people.

Recent witness accounts have circulated that police briefings have repeatedly in the past couple of weeks been dominated with anti-British, anti-US lecturing...

Under such levels of pre-conditioning, it's little or no wonder that this has spilled out into the direct provocation and breach of international law that you see linked above.


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Feek another potential target that has no coastline. This is a plot by the Army I tell you. Now if we could just fall out with a normal country with coastline it would help. I mean what are the odds Afghanistan and Zimbabwe look good for action and no were to land LCUs.

On a serious side his time is coming to an end but even if he goes I don't think the situation there will change much. Too many of his muckers have their snouts in the trough. I worry that a country which was a beacon in a trouble part of the world is now a basket case. What hope.


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exnorthener said:
"The British broke away first, got into their vehicle and battered another vehicle out of the road to get out of the way.
Get in. Somebody has had their Weetabix.

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