UK and the Euro

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by BONNACON, Sep 16, 2011.

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  1. How far up the creek would we be if we had joined the Euro, and is anybody willing to say they were in favour (or grass someone up who was).
  2. at about the same position up the creek as you are with the pound sterling...

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  3. We'd have joined the Titanic.
  4. The values on that graph arent Euro and Sterling Value though, that graph shows the exchange rate, which is an inadmissable value in the context.
  5. Didn't that brilliant economist, mathematician and saviour of the planet, Gordon Brown MP sell our gold reserves to invest in euros? Therefore we are also in the crapcart with all the other Euro countries.
  6. The grinning spiv Blair was hugely in favour. It was only the venomous spite and unbridled malice of the economically inept and socially challenged oaf Brown that kept us out. Had the monstrous Brown thought that there 'glory' to be had, he would have crept off in the middle of a night and signed us up.

    The whole idea of the Eurine was laughable from the day it was first announced - just think about it for a few moments.
  7. We would be unable to take any independant action to stabilise our currency.
  8. The current value of the Pound vs the Euro shows exactly what is wrong with the whole 'one size fits all' Euro project.

    Devalue and inflate your way out of your debt is no longer an option for any Euro country, and the strength of the Pound vs the Euro encourages trade with grown up currencies rather tan ending up with more Euros in the bank.
  9. Would we have borrowed even more. Would Tony declared himself Emperor? And would we be on the verge of defaulting now. I suspect Tony Brown would have done a Viv Nicholson "spend spend spend". Just interested as My gut said it was going this way, frankly I think we have got off lightly and not by design.
  10. 10 years of strict fiscal policy and some proper statesmanship could get UK PLC back into the black.

    All Van Rumpeys hEurocrats and Baroness Ashtons MEP's will never get the EU solvent again.
  11. This Island mentality is getting tedious, there is a GLOBAL recession on, everyone is in the poo, and heading there again as the US is spiraling for the shitter. ANY government was just playing musical chairs when the music stopped regardless of what flavour it was.

    Gordon Brown was/is a knob but I think you flatter him by saying he could've done anything to avoid it, there was an old adage about those with the most power have the biggest buildings, the Houses of Parliment aren't the biggest in London are they?
  12. The one eyed mong cost us around £10 billion with that bit of genius (at current price of gold). Funny that a trader is up shit creek for dodgy trading amounting to around £1.3 billion. Ho hum. Anyway the main reason for us being a little better off is our ability to set an interest rate suitable for ourselves rather than the Germans doing it for us, erm I mean themselves. The issue is how exposed our banks are to the eurozone fallout.
  13. Sad to say that when the one eyed mong sold off our gold £1Bn was a lot of dosh, a real lot of dosh..... Now we talk in Billions for relatively minor infrastructure projects £12Bn for the Olympic park, £25Bn for the HS2 line to Birmingham, £5Bn for a couple of ships with flat tops etc. Funny how in 10 years a term that seemed to be an unimaginable amount of cash seems to have been an amount we now use every day.
  14. No but he/they made it hurt a lot more than it had to.
  15. UK would be more broke then it already is and would be looking at 500 billion euros of increased debt to bailout southern Europe.