UK and Pakistan - terrorist double standards

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by razorman, Apr 30, 2007.

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    "Pakistan has also urged the Government to ban a British-based wing of an international Islamist extremist organisation, Hisb-ut-Tahrir. Officials in Islamabad say the group has repeatedly called for the assassination of Pakistan's president, Gen Pervez Musharraf"

    Hizb-tu-Tahir are banned in most Islamic countries. Why the hell are they allowed to operate here?

    Some excellent comments from the Pakistani security official:

    "Britain has not fulfilled its side of the bargain. Over the years lists of wanted people have piled up," said a senior Pakistani official.

    "England is harbouring all sorts of terrorists and criminals."

    It's a well known fact that many scumbags from the Muslim world have been given safe haven in the UK. Again, why?

    "The problem is that we find there are double standards. Terrorism is terrorism whether in Pakistan, London or Madrid

    Nail, hammer, head.
  2. msr

    msr LE

    or pot, kettle, black?

  3. No other country has suffered more casualties or committed more troops to the war on terror than Pakistan. If Britian sincerely wants Pakistan's help against Islamists (and without intelligence from ISI there might already have been more attacks on the UK), it cannot allow terrorists,murderers and criminals to happily live in the UK.
  4. More like it.

    Where do most of the taliban fighters get support/training/arms/sanctuary?

  5. Which country in the Islamic world has elected a secular government every time they've been given the choice of governments?

    Which country deployed 40,000 troops on internal security duties to support the GWOT, as well as international commitments?

    Which country has lost more troops fighting the Taliban than any other (or even several combined)?


    Watch the CH4 documentary, "Between the Mullahs and the Military".
  6. We signed up the European Convention on Human Rights and as such we have to stand by it. Suppose that we were to ignore article 3 this time then the floodgates would open. Would anyone have confidence in our Government blocking an extradition request from the USA in that case, bearing in mind how easy it was to give up the Natwest 3, even if it was a capital offence?
    Unfortunately hard cases make bad law.

  7. Hmmm only Islamic country to possess nuclear weapons and also dangerously unstable.........

    Not the government, Musharraf wants to keep the septics happy. It's the people.

  8. or were do most of the taliban or terroist groups/resistance get their funding/backing?

    london, birmingham, manchester. kebab shops and mobile phone shops donating them money not including the heroin dealers and mosques.

    with the use of mental inteligence you can tell the dodgey shops and i wont go in them and give them my hard earned.
  9. The Saudis matched the Yanks dollar for dollar the last time Islamo-fascism confronted secular Europeans in Afghanistan. They both did it via the ISI not a few dodgy market traders.

    All that's changed is the Afghans no longer mock the Arab International as effete fanatics or shoot them when they offend Islam by attacking Afghan graves or mounting suicide attacks. They need the money for all those nice new technicals and Iranian RPG-29s.

    Get to grips with who you are at war with. You are more likely to meet them in Belgravia with a B list Pornstar in tow than eating a nan and chips in Rushome.
  10. Mate I have no beef against you but I ****ing did not support it so the wording of we implying that the nation and individuals supported this is wrong wrong wrong.
    A small point of grammar but for some people (and gaining popularity) I have certainly never supported it.
    HH, Hey its been a cracking day again
  11. 1. Cobblers.

    2. Utter cobblers.

    What is it about an Islamic country with a secular governmet that makes you think nuclear weapons are a bad thing. Is it any worse than a Christian, Jewish or Hindu country having them? What happens if fanatics get into power in these states?

    NWFP province is hard for them to extend the rule of law because an artificial national border cuts across tribal lands. But that's a comparatively small part of an immense country and they do things differently there, for example killing off Taliban for abusing the locals.

    Try visiting Gilgit, Chitral or Baluchistan and you're more likely to be met with curiosity and a rant against the iniquities of local taxation than anything else. Sound familiar?