UK American Football

I was just wondering how many of the arrse comunity actually take an interest or even play the septics sport of choice.

And how many have tickets to the forthcoming Saints, Chargers game at Wembley in October.

(Cue abusive "Poofs in pads" comments)
I played it when it first came out in the 80's and even started up a local team in Plymouth, then joined the Army and never played again. For anyone who slates it, the whole time I Rugby I luckily only broke a couple of fingers and collarbone, but broke my arm twice playing American Football! it's alright but all short sharp plays, top American Footballers have plenty of strength and hit power but their stamina would come into question big time against a Rugby team.

Stick with Rugby, you can drink beer and bash the hell out of everyone. Americans play their version of 'Football' from the time they are 5 years old in whats called Pee Wee Leagues, the promising ones will spend their entire young lives training and their diets are all worked out for them hence the sheer size of them when they play at High School/College and Pro levels, we just couldn't produce the amount of that physique of sportsman in the U.K.
I agree, it's a really good sport if you're physical attributes are more suited to short sharp bursts of power.

I do think it gets a bad deal as people see the pads and think it's a sport for girls but because of the way the game is played you risk serious injury if you didn't wear them.

I think the reason the septics train at it from such a young age is that it's so f'in complicated it takes them a good 18 years to understand every little rule.

And just to mention I love my proper footbal and rugby as well.
I did a bit with the university team and then my local team after i finished uni, i had to stop when i had other commitments clashing, i should really go back at some point.

I also like rugby but only played at school level, i find american football more to my fitness.


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