UK Air defences????

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by CivvyPete, Aug 18, 2011.

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  1. OK - maybe it isn't you army guys I should be asking, but I've lately got to wondering:

    I looked at how air power seems to have swung the balance in the Libyan civil war.

    And I watched this: [LINK][/LINK]

    and I asked myself - just how do Britain's air defences stand?

    Without the Americans to help us, how would Typhoons stack up against the T-50 - given that the Russians plan on exporting up to a thousand?

    AWACS and Typhoon apart, just what air defences does the UK mainland have left? That's a genuine request for information, not a jibe. Did I read that Rapier has been retired?
  2. your a poor hack if you cannot even find the pprune website.
  3. CivvyPete......

  4. Don't worry, Britain will be a Muslim State soon, there will then be an opening on the blue prints for flying carpets!!!!!
  5. Current UK air defences are comprised solely of a 74 year old man with a tabby cat who shouts "Get down from there you silly ****!" at said tabby when it climbs onto the bookshelf. It is believed this tactic will also work against any enemy aircraft, as long as they are piloted by cats.
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  6. I think you could be on to something there!!!
  7. There must be secret air defences around, of course.
  8. Typhoon vs hot air…
  9. Don't forget the Womens' Auxiliary Balloon Corps
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  10. All is well then, we are saved!!!
  11. If I was a hack, I certainly wouldn't bother asking you ignorant shitheads. I don't bother with Pprune because planes aren't my primary interest, but I'm a regular on here. I asked a genuine question because I would be worried if my family end up serving in conflicts where we don't have air superiority, and enemy CAS is the dominant force. OK, right now the T-50 and Chinese J20 are potential rather than actual threats - but it seems likely they will be in service before we get the F35 (if we ever do).

    And yes I know some people can never resist an opportunity to slag off the crabs - but there are enough people I've met who when they are being honest, admit they would have been in deep shit at times without air support.
  12. Oooh get her!
  13. Don't be so sensitive Princess! I think we are slagging off the state of the country and the lack of funds rather than the quality of the RAF!
  14. Why have the Chinese named an aircraft after a juice drink?
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  15. The RAF Regiment will stand about all day, slack-jawed, pointing at the sky.

    No great change there, then. 'Guins.