UK Air Defence - No Threat - Cool!

Anyone else read with wonder that the Chinese took part in Turkey's Anatolian Eagle airex? They flew Su-27s via Pakistan, refuelled in IRAN (!!!). This is the same joke airforce we'd have disregarded without a sidewards glance 10 years ago. As a demonstration of maturity it was first world. As a warning that the new kid is not staying on his own block ... He's in our theatre now!
Add the list of enabling (and dead stable) enabling countries to Chinese adventures in and off Africa (the PLAN is on patrol off Somalia) and the Med is no longer a European pond. Better watch our manners now?
Still UK Air Defence is such a screwed together undertaking, and is projected to be even more capable in the NEXT 10 years, that we have nothing to worry about - do we?
Luftwaffe 1933, biplanes. Luftwaffe 1940, knocking lumps out of Biggin!
What's your point, that in 2017 the Chinese will be bombing Lossie with SU27's?

That makes loads of sense


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luftwaffe 1944 - on the receiving end of a f***ing good shoeing from the RAF and the 8th Air Force. ;)

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