UK Afghan kit transitting Pakistan

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by AndyPipkin, Mar 9, 2006.

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  1. Flyingrockdj

    Flyingrockdj War Hero Moderator

    Only 3 paras are there from July!
  2. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    Bloody hell, hate to see the guards and duties list there!
  3. Looks like they've given them the route plan & the entire shopping list !
  4. The fact that Afghanistan is a landlocked country does pose certain logistical issues. Heavy eqpt will has to take a sea route into somewhere and between Pakistan and Iran who would you choose? An ally and fellow member of the Commonwealth or a moody, quasi-nuclear, West-hating state? I am pretty sure British military equipment has been transitting through Pakistan ever since the British Army became involved in Afghanistan in the nineteenth century, i.e. before Pakistan was even a country. Well done the Guardian for some top non-news.

    P.S. (On second thoughts I am not sure if Pakistan is still a member of the Commonwealth.)
  5. FYI

    Pakistan left in 1972, rejoined in 1989, was suspended in 1999, and was readmitted in 2004.
  6. What about a member of the Commonwealth AND a moody, very-nuclear West-hating state? 8O
  7. From the Guardian article
    Good to see some one NOT doing their homework there :roll: . I hope that was not from a briefing document other wise, I would hate to see some of the other howlers in there.

    Pipkin wrote
    Naah, most Pakistanis don't have time to hate the west they are too busy hating the Indians or each other !!! :twisted:

    Edited for spg

    Especially around about World Cup Cricket time. All Police leave cancelled hereabouts last time it was on I remember. Who says it's only a sport?
  9. Andy Pipkin wrote: "What about a member of the Commonwealth AND a moody, very-nuclear West-hating state?"

    Yes, quite. Well spotted. In my blind love of any country that was once pink and plays cricket I overlooked certain similarities with Iran. But you know what I mean. They are our mates and are run by the military so they can't go too crazy.
  10. Oh that's all right then. In an attempt to bring democracy to Afghanistan, we'll happily work with a military dictator brought to power by a coup. Can't all be bad. They play cricket - and sometimes let us win! :wink:
  11. Wait five years or so and see what the REAL democratic will of Afghanistan says! At least the Pakistanis let us beat them at cricket times!
  12. Look what General Pinochet did for Chile. A period of stability and broken eggs leads to the first female President in Latin America. And she's socialist to boot.

    Gen Mush though obviously not elected seems to have the support of the majority in Pakistan. Not liberal democracy as we know it, but effective nonetheless.
  13. I'm a hard-nosed realist when it comes to international politics. I thus support stable, peaceful and benign dictatorship (ie non-democracy) over democratic chaos and disorder. Look what 'democracy' did for Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Serbia in 1990!!

    My point was to highlight the juxta-position of the story/situation, we have to be more fearful of attacks in 'friendly' countries than those less so - and of course the point that Castlereagh makes. :wink:

    Has enybody thought of exporting cricket to Afghanistan and Iraq. You know, give them something else to take their minds of suicide bombings and focus their energy when it comes to hate!!!
  14. Oi! Have you forgotten the thrashing you got in Pakistan a few months ago :twisted: