UK 11s?

Hi, new to the site, doing the Para 10 run at Catterick for 'help for heroes'.
I was wondering if anyone had a pair of boots for me to do it in (UK 11).
Got a bergen from a mate, but no boots.
Don't realy want to buy a brand new pair for a fundraiser, if that makes sense.

Cheers in advance.

No worries. see PM i sent you. Need your phone number etc for UPS shipping, boot will be sent today.

Good luck with the fundraiser mate and i hope that boots are the dogs nuts :D

Great to see someone making standing out for our troops.
Good luck with the run and fundraising and thanks to Intelligent Armour for donating the boots - you wouldn't get that from some other shops!
bomb-int said:

I am happy to give you a pair for free mate, brand new.
Take your pick mate -

Magnum Elite Force 8.0 WPi Boots, with Ion-mask technology
Lowa Elite Black Boots

these two are the best for running in. Give me a call and i will UPS them to you

Alex Bomberg
Group CEO
Intelligent Armour Limited

Former Glosters/RGBW

You should of PM'd him that mate, now every man, Jack and his dog will be after a free pair of boots!

Fair play to you for supplying the bloke with boots, and best of luck in the run Sean.

Which reminds me, I'm taking part in an upcoming fundra.......... :wink:
fcuk me, if I knew that all I had to do for free lowas was ask...!
Nice one Alex. Good drills!
They have just arrived and look great, I have to admit i'm still a bit speechless at the response from Alex at , I know we will raise a lot of money and i'll keep you all informed.
The event is on Sep 12th, so until then I will send updates so you guys know they are being well used/abused.

Cheers again Alex.


Its not a problem at all mate. Its nice to see you getting off your bum and doing some fundraising.

Keep me updated and if you are ever in Gloucestershire, pop in for a coffee.

Alex & Team


Kit Reviewer
We all know that Sean & Alex are the same person, because Alex is a dodgy so & so ;)
Napier (one time RGBW)
Napier, an obvious case of having an axe to grind?

What’s your problem?

All I have been doing is trying to help someone who is raising money to help others. Your a MOD on here, I would check your facts pal before you accuse me of setting up something on here to try to blow smoke up my own arse.

How fcuking dare you, accuse me of wrong doing here. If you have a problem with me, pop over and sort it out, don't try to destroy me via this forum.
Well said Bomb-int

just to cut this arguement before it deepens...

Richard.James is in my section, so, no, he is not Alex. Napier you are bang out of order bud, do yourself a justice and stop talking crap. As Alex say's you obviously have a personal issue with him and thats for you to sort out, and not on here.

Now i dont know Alex, but i have used his company (for under armour etc) and got a very good service.

A bloke does a good turn and gets shot down in flames... you should hang your head in shame Napier.
Ta Moka,

tearsbeforebedtime and Napier, get a grip and grow up

i have on idea what games you are playing but i want no part in it. Whatever your issues with Alex and his company, these are no concerns of mine. I too use Intelligent Armour and have had no issue with the company or the people who run it. only good service and good prices.

Alex, dont worry about these people and just continue as you are.
Alex has squared me away for boots and has been nothing but helpful and genuine in his dealings with me. I don't understand what the drama is. Seems like a top bloke to me with a genuine wish to help the bods who want to raise money for a forces charity.
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