UK £550 million for Iraq

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by error_unknown, Oct 11, 2003.

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  1. Britain will pledge more than £550 million to the reconstruction of Iraq later this month.
    The money, which includes £200 million already committed, will be donated over the next three years.
    An additional £300 million includes bilateral funds and Britain's share of proposed European Union funding.

    While British pensioners struggle to heat their homes and feed themselves.
  2. At the risk of getting all political - and therefore having Shotgun give us another lecture on the constitution! - I guess that we could hardly justify sticking our oar in and then walking away in the hope that someone else would come along and sort the mess out. In real terms £550M is small beer - sorry Mrs Miggins - and is probably the least we could do. The trick will be making sure that the money is not wasted and we don't end up pouring funds into another money pit which we continue to bail out for the next 50 years.

    I suppose one way of looking at it would be to see it as an investment for the future; once the oil starts flowing again, we look to get the jump on the Frogs in the reconstruction business - but then I don't believe HMG is either that clever or cut throat - regrettably.

    Personally, I would have preferred us both intervene and throw money at a problem that involves people with a slightly less tenuous link with our own people - Zimbabwe - but then our role as the Former Colonial Power and nemisis of Mugabe has always precluded this in HMG's eyes.

    Overdraft anyone?
  3. Well-said Blond....
    The point is £550 million wont sort out our problems at home but it will go some way, and lets hope your surname isnt Miggins rude!!!!! Cos you will find in the real world away from your pampered self indulgent life in HMF that hospitals cope JUST schools cope JUST. Before bombing someone elses house in order we should sort out our own social ills, and rangi American companies most I bet owned or directed by big hitters in American power and bushes closest aides will get the reconstruction tenders. As for oil if Iraq is to be free from outside pressure independent and democratic, whos to say they HAVE to sell their oil to either America or Britain, but they will because they will never be any of those just another far reaching post of American globalisation.
  4. Rebuilding Iraq is something that us along with america are responsible for.... after all we went over there and caused the damage. wheather we agree with the war reasons or not! we have to finish what we started.

    the people who are part responsible for our british pensioners having to struggle to heat their homes and feed themselves are all the people wanting to live in the uk cuz they think its in easy life over here and not becuz their life is in danger....... i once got offerd £3000 to marry someone so he could stay over here and sponge off us! and of course some british people would do it! so really when you think about it...... we are part too blame too...... i agree that the uk really need to pull their socks up and concentrate on our own problems....... after all charity begins at home!!!
  5. £550 million is a drop in the ocean compared to many other 'investments' which this country has had the pleasure of making. We had to buy off the Froggies at Sangatte (I know, practically a third world country), re-build Irish Republican damage, only to have them knock it down again. And then we could start on the huge compensation packages paid to individuals and companies......

    £550 million is just that - an investment. It will come back to the UK in one way shape of form - unlike the money paid to put up bus shelters for one parent, one legged lesbian rainbow warriors.
  6. it's late and I'm drunk...This whole thing sucks....should have turned the whole region into a glass parking lot!

    We're there so we need to make the best, the money going to be spent is nothing to the UK or US economy, but it is a dick up the frogies arrse and that's all I care about.

    Jackass Chirac on that fcuk-face Schroder will continue to look at the world through rose colored glasses while the UK and US reap the benefits of saving the world.

    Don't think our efforts are lost on the Iraqis, and if they don't give us the oil we want @ a good price we go back and just take it.
  7. One day, I am going to find you and tear your fcuking heart out with my teeth, you pompous, jumped up know it all fcuking prick. I suppose the guys that came back in horizontal black bags were reaping the benefits of being "pampered and self indulgent"
  8. Weapons Free
  9. if there is anything left of NIMN when ORG has finished I want to scoop you up and feed you to rats and other sharp toothed bitey things.

    I know you only come on here trying to get a bite with your pathetic views and irritating opinions, usually this is welcomed and greeted with the response it deserves.

    You should know by now that we won't lose, no matter what extremes of childishness we go to.

    I'll bet you are a smelly student with a mind full of invented experience when in reality you have never ventured further than Warwick castle

    Yet another civvy out of thier depth.
  10. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    ORG and MDN -

    Don't waste your time exterminating the self-satisfied pinko p*ick - just send him out here. They'd locals'd love to show him the 'before' and 'after' of life here - especially our Interpreter, who was forced to watch his Father being tortured to death, or the Local Councillor (elected now, democratically) who had his entire family murdered for trying to top Uday.

    550m Pounds will go a bloody long way here; I'm afraid that in the NHS it would just pay for a few more manager-level time wasters (probably what NIMN does for a 'living', come to think of it.)
  11. isnt that what you oil grabbing toss pots have just done?
    one day someone who has progressed further than the stone age will be on the US 'hit list' and will they invade? will they f**k, theyll try and talk their way round it, oh hang on, its happened, North Korea. (once bitten twice shy?)
    Yanks, pah, even your porns got boring.
  12. I also hear, all those people over the rank of WO, and over the age of 43 will have to pay more tax.........'war tax' .....whether this is true i dont know but , we shouldnt have t pay more for fighting for our country!
  13. Nice one KB - you should realise you don't fight for your country anymore - you fight for votes for the party in power (to keep them there) and the great god cash. Your 'Country' is a rather quaint anachronism, handy when you need to whip up a bit of jingoistic fervour and a jolly good parade!