UJC 'vs' Victory Services Club advice please?

Discussion in 'Travel' started by Wag Tail, Dec 6, 2010.

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  1. Hi all, just after some advice please. I'm planning a special night with the wife up in town and was wondering if anyone had anyone could recommend one of the above. I've stayed in the Union jack Club but only in one of the basic singly rooms after a very heavy night on the lash and Her Majesty certainly wouldn't entertain pissing in the sink (not that I would either you understand).

    I've never been to the Victory Service club although I've heard it's quitr up market?

    So if it's for a double en-suite which would you recommend, Union Jack or Victory Service Club please?
  2. Neither, both are now very exy. You're better off trying your luck on expedia for a half decent London hotel at similar prices. Failing that go for a travelodge or similar. There's a decent one near Tower bridge that me and the lads stayed in a couple of army v navy games back.

    But if you definitely want that forces ambience then I do like the UJ.
  3. I've been a memebr of the Vic Club for several years, but I cannot speak for the UJC. The ensuite rooms in the Memorial wing are of a fairly non-luxurious standard - economy hotel, I would say - quite clean and satisfactory, but not 'special night' or upmarket in any way. The Centenary wing is new and I have never visited it, though I notice the club website brags that they have airconditioning, which would be a boon in warmer weather as it's quite a noisy location and opening the window for some air is a recipe for sleeping rather badly.

    On the other hand, the ground floor public rooms have been done up fairly recently and are quite smart.
  4. Thanks for your in put folks I may have a look at some last minute options! Thanks again Wagtail.
  5. I work around the corner and my firm have an arrangement with the vsc, used to be a friendly enough place staff wise but now employs a lot of surly eastern european types, seems to have lost the old friendly types who would have served themselves and had something in common with the clientelle.