UIN Database - Other than SLIM (Help needed)

Thanks for the offer catchyerselfon. However, it's not a specific UIN that I'm after. What I'm after is something a bit more reliable than SLIM. As you say, it's pants.

I just wondered if there was anything else on the Defence Intranet, or if any boffin in the MoD (who was sick of SLIM) had made their own database?
Its pants but there are ways around it. It can be exported if you know how.
By using %enter unit area here% either side of your unit area it will throw up all the units thereabouts.
If you click on the UIN it will then arrnage them numerically, click on the Name it will do the same etc etc.

If at first you dont suck seeds and all that.

Good luck
Thanks for the tips catchyerselfon.

Hootch, could you (or anyone for that matter) post a RLI link to AVIL?


PS: Inserts brain - no doubt if I search dii tomorrow for AVIL it'll pop up somewhere! :slow:
Anyone know where I can get the shedule for 18 x 24 :?:

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