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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by tommywilsonuk, Sep 22, 2010.

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  1. Alright Chaps,
    First post with this u/name. Forgot my old one lol!?

    Right im in the Ghan at the moment, we've been PROPER hammering the Pysh - Based outta LKG! Woo lol

    An awfully muscular lad who's int army mentionde to be me he was on this hydroxycut buisness, so being sold and told it was absolutely legal i got myself some.. Now Ive only taken the one so far?

    Only today some yank asked me if I took any supps I said id literally just stared with this Hydroxycut Hardcore N he said something along the line of - their illegal to USMC? now we all know yanks - we've all worked with em', but does he have a point?

    Ive now shat my rag and am worrying about CDT's..

    Anyone else know anything about this product?
    I know MANY a lad take this product and are well still in?
    Just want clarification?
  2. Hydroxycut was sold in the PX in KAF and Bastion - No fecker had a problem with the stuff when we were there. If in doubt ask your MO on camp or one of your friendly RMPs :)
  3. Rather than take something that you obviously know very little about and worry about it afterwards, why not have the foresight to a). find out about it first or b). not take it! Not only that, you are taking what is in effect a drug whilst on ops. Do you know if this particular drug has any side effects? In addition to worrying about failing a CDT, why not worry about how it will affect you and potentially your colleagues.
  4. We had that out in Iraq mate, all the US troops would not touch it, as there were some iffy side effects like heart attacks and such. Dont carry on with the tablets, they are not banned but are on the list of suspect drugs.
  5. Don't listen to the nasty Eddwurst. You keep pumping the iron and taking the supplements. You know you'll get more cock from the muscular guys in the gym once you're totally ripped. And the 'Ghan tan will help too. Perhaps they will offer to "oil you up"? Keep up the good work sweetcheeks xxx
  6. Question from the blonde at the back: Having Googled up on this stuff and learning it's a weight-loss aid, the question begs to be asked...why if you are in the sandy place and doing lots of phys would you need it?! Have you been mis-lead into thinking it is some sort of muscle build-up protein drink thing? If so, do you not read the label on things before putting them in your mouth?

    Or I am wrong? (heaven forbid)
  7. I was given some of that by a guy I worked with as he said it gave him mood swings. I politely thanked him, waited for him to leave then chucked the lot in the bin.
  8. Apart from making his posts sound like they were written by an educationally subnormal 7 year old you mean?

    Or is that just normal for this demographic?
  9. Please don't tell me they give you a gun.
  10. It is not going to do you any harm - it is just caffeine and a few herbs and vitamins. expensive for what it is but no more harmful than a big can of red bull.
  11. You want to watch that gear, mate, it proper fu*ks up your literacy skills. Reading your post, I think you've OD'd.

    I don't know about "PROPER hammering the Pysh" you type like you've been on the pish. I thought Afghan was a dry tour.

    Good luck on CDT, but apparently you're getting all unnecessary over a tonic drink, ya big jessie.