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"People of the world, it's time to get paid". Oh well, as long as they're only thinking about their ancestor's persecution and not anything as beastly as a pure fcuking money grab.
Forgive my guttersnipe gut retort, but they can fcuk right off.

Edited to add, is it a wah? They're kidding, surely?


Any student of world history will tell you that if he had to pick a single nation to pin all the world's troubles on, Britain is far and away the obvious choice. There is plenty of precedent of countries paying off their victims in cash.


Another bunch of cnuts after a fast buck. :shakefist:
Bad Inventions. Machine guns, slums, prisons, child labor, bad hygiene, the Black Plague, concentration camps, you name it. If it hurts people, the British probably came up with it.

US spelling so they can pay for that.
I thought it was a wind up but the idiot seems to be serious. I'll sharpen my bayonet.


If Britain really is behind all the world's problems as you say it is, how have they managed to keep up such a positive image for so long?

Britain has long controlled our patterns of thought through the modern university, an English invention. They control what we say through their hold over English, the global master language. More recently, they've bought the minds of some of our best and brightest—including numerous top U.S. politicians and public thinkers—through the Rhodes Scholarship, thus insuring that the false innocents of Britain's public image never has to face scrutiny.

Facking barking as a box of frogs :D pass me the bacofoil please.

Second Iraq War: $282 billion+ (As calculated by Congressional Appropriations. The irrational anger of radical Islam as embodied in Saddam Hussein's rogue state, is the expression of a deep grudge that started with the slaughter's inflicted by the British crown during the Crusades and later, Britain's ruthless treatment of the old Ottoman Empire.)

You couldn't make it up could you :D

Funny though :D

The final link at the bottom of the page says it all


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I think it is quite funny actually.

Let's find out who this guy is so that we can start on him.


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For christs sake....................

..........DO NOT SHOW THIS TO Blair......................

..............we will all have to hand over £6,000 - £4700+ to the rest of the world and the rest as UK Labour Taxes


I think a limit of 5 years should imposed for any compensation claims as with the mis-selling of endowment policies.

I would just love someone from the government to say to these idiots
"Sorry you have missed the deadline for submiting your claim by 495 years. Now fcuk off and stop whining"

I mean how far back do we go.

Letter to French Embassy - "I would like to make a claim for compensation for the property which William the Conqueror stole from my descendant when he invaded in 1066"

I am sure the reply would be "Encoule"

I couldn't help it. I wrote them an email:

'Surely you're joking aren't you? Not only is most of your site content woefully inaccurate, it is a purveyor of nonsence that smacks of nothing but greed. I would love to take your 'facts' section apart piece by piece but my time is more valuable, and I fear your misinformed bigotry will be closed to anything resembling reality.

Disgusting. You shoud be ashamed of yourselves. Put your efforts to a more worthy cause. Perhaps one within the USA, for there are several.'



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We took some cash off of the Germans after the war.

But come on................we let the Germans become the British Royal family didn't we?


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31 TRILLION QUID?! They can fcuk right off, the fcuking turnover of our economy is only three! This has to be a fcuking piss take...
Apparently we invented 'The Black Death'. :yawnstretch:

Didn't the black death (or bubonic plague to give it its correct name) come from the Middle East, ravaging mainland Europe before being brought to Britain by dirty Frenchmen?

How unusual though, ambulance chasing Americans. No doubt the self-same Americans who think that the Kyoto Accord is some NATO led plan to take guns from their cold dead hands.


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