Ugly women aka Lesbiens

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by carpetsfm7sr94champs, May 31, 2007.

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  1. Is it just me, but have you ever noticed that most Lezzers are graced with the looks of a blind cobblers thumb? :?

    Coincedence? I think not.

  2. I agree, as long as they dont start mowing the lawn of straight essence blarts, I couldnt give a monkeys chuff. More good lookers for me and the munters can rug munch on the rats scrubbers to thier hearts content.
  3. Here, here.

    Points to note.

    Why do they where blokes clothes, no make up and all look like
    Peter Kaye/Les Dawson?
  4. I knew a blond and brunet couple, from a "previous job". Both were top totty :p
  5. Thankfully, the reverse does not apply, as any Garrison town on a Friday night will prove.
  6. I have known some stunning birds who just happen to enjoy beans instead of a suasage, but then again i have also met some right munters, who shouldn't be let out in public for fear of frightening the children.

  7. I was at a wedding recently and i have to say the ladies in question were more man than any man i have ever met...
  8. Strange thing about carpet munchers, a lot of them (not all)
    hate men! but want to dress like one and act accordingly.
    God made Adam for Eve, not Adam for Steve.
  9. here it is 999
  10. Jarrod you have an alarm on your fridge? Are we a little secret muncher then, we getting a bit tubby are we?
  11. Surely God made Eve for Adam? taking a rib and providing a companion, and the reason the world is evil and enjoys eating apples etc....
  12. I went to a workmates birthday party recently she is Lesbian but very femine looking. There were about four girls there who looked like the lez stereotype, Doc Martens, Dungarees, manly tattoos etc. But the vast majority of them were beautiful girls wearing very girly frilly stuff and snogging each other like fcuk. What a bloody waste!

  13. Your right never posted any pics you git
  14. Don't mind lezzers - but why do they all 'recant' if a rich tit says he fancies them?

    I've seen them shed the dungarees and the cropped hair faster than a weasel killing a rabbit when some blerk with a fat wallet gets interested.
  15. Chumpy, I think you'll find you've answered your own question there.