Ugly Wives

I have posed similar on the other means but it has been removed ;D

The Returning F-3 jocks were re-untited with there famillies on Friday after a brief stint in the Middle East, they have a real time UK role to play so they are back etc.

FJ pilots are relatively well paid, cool job, license to hose down anything they want.

Thier wives looked like the cast of One flew over the cuckoos nest, a bunch of meltedwellyheads, that by rights should still be running round the ugly forrest



War Hero
i couldnt believe it when the reporter was interviewing one of the wives and  asked how it had been without her husband etc.

she said "well you cope dont you etc etc but its the longest he's been away"

Reporter "oh right, how long has he been away?"

Wife "5 weeks"

5 weeks and were supposed to feel bloody sorry!!!!
I thought they had been made to lay down under a big box of lego as it melted on there heads.

Even Nikki Lauder looks better in a frock than them Ken Dodd lookalikes
I find most Army wives are gippers anyway.  I'm just waiting for this thread to be locked or wiped as a result of one of those gippers complaining to the moderators, who are probably married to/going out with gippers themselves.    

Furthermore, I imagine that most of the females who post on this site are gippers in one way shape or form...........that's if they are not men pretending to be gippers.

Gippers..........what a  great word.  Sums up the Army wife just nicely ;)  So any gippers out there who are intent upon marrying a yourself a favour something about your boat ;D
I have just looked at that thread on Pprune and found it highly offensive.

Those two idiots who are fuelling each others ego's (probably under the influence of Stella I would imagine) are very childish.

I notice that they have set a record for being banned from Jet Blasters, allegedly in under an hour.

Very silly and immature. Have these fools got nothing else to do?

Oh, and this isn't funny either, so stop PMing me to ask where I got it from



Furthermore, I imagine that most of the females who post on this site are gippers in one way shape or form
I resemble that remark :mad:
You will note that the face on that picture is male.

You will also note that it was clearly shot in some sort of "trailer"

There is also evidence of poor sanitation

The occupier has no taste in decor either.

The lighting is not very good, indicating bad weather.

So, what we have here is a fat, ugly, male gypsy who has no taste and lives in a caravan in the north.

MDN me thinks ;D
Bugger me, from a bloke that comes from Dudley ;D

Do you know what wallpaper is? woodchip excluded

Do you have an inside lav or do your tribe still lag in a bucket or on each other

You don't have anything to tow a caravan

Sanitisation in Dudley, a bit like town houses in calcutta

Lighting in the smog capital (why is it called the black country)
You bundled him into your boot when I picked him up from the airport, I haven't seen hyim since.

I got a text from him saying a ginger fella makes him wear a rubber suit and performs lewd acts on him

I got the police to trace the text to a 12x12 tent in Dudley


You thieving b@astards!!!  i spend my hard earned cash to go to Portugal 'shopping' only to find out that Pedro has been stolen at the airport!  B@stards!
I have his older brother, ring looks like an old paint tin but you can have him for £100


I'll give you £50, i only paid £220 for Pedro, in 'brand new' condition.

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