Ugly 'glamour' bints, and would you?


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Celebrity glamour bint, dolled up to the nines, hanging out with pointless people, being chased around by mindless paparazzi . . . celebrity will not beautify them, nor publicity make sexy, so why are they put before us?

Here's an classic example of a pointless, plastic, barby-dolled-up UGLY pig of a thing: Emma Rigby - lead assassin Alien in 'Mars Attacks'

I might accept a very, very discreet nosh, but looking at that dial, maybe even not that, but one's thing for sure - I wouldn't want to be seen in public with the thing.

Am I too harsh? Have you got better examples?

Not while there's dogs on the street.
For Bipeds opener.

Oh I don't know, If she was paying I would be prepared to demean myself. I've got to get the cash were I can these days.

Stacker - that's a bloke isn't it?
So's this one, I suspect...
So Anna Rexia can afford a square meal then?
Talking of ugly bints that look like men

Would you take the risk?

What about a Mother/Daughter combo?

Net Worth? $1100m between the pair of them!

The bloke on the right looks the sexier of the three.
So you'd give Skull on a Stick one?
Wouldn't touch any of these spunk-swilling no-marks

Jodi Swamp

Paris Travelodge
They are vile. why would you pump any of those "glamourous" stick-insect-a-likes while Liza Tarbuck had a plump hairy mound and moist cunt-lips?
Have had a few page 3 birds visit on tours.... Normally meet them at the HLS before they have had a chance to "do their make up" and of course up close without the airbrushing....... 2 out of 3 I wouldn't touch with Biped's c@ck...... Although they do have a redeeming factor of being so short their large breasts are level with most blokes already.

Also had a few of them burst in tears because they were tired or only had 30 minutes for lunch or it was too hot....too much sand.... etc etc....

Still they put a smile on the lads faces, and one or two or the RLC "girls" as well ;)

Edited to add " Having reread the topic title, I suppose I would like every other person 2/3 of a way through a tour, as long as I was in the first 5 of the Unit to go through them......
This has to be the worst of the lot

It has indeed! (reels away, subsides into catatonic heap)

PS; doesn't that vulgar little scrubber ever smile?
It has indeed! (reels away, subsides into catatonic heap)

PS; doesn't that vulgar little scrubber ever smile?
Not when your skin is as taught as hers

A before (anorexia) and after comparison

A truly truly disgusting and shallow individual
I've half a mind to perpetrate an image of Beth Ditto, just for subversion's sake. She is, after all, a 'celebrity' :pukel:


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What, this one?

To be fair though, one of her songs wasn't too bad, and I'm sure it's glandular too, her 'problem'. The amount of running around and sweating (mmmm) she does on stage, it's surprising she doesn't weigh 2 stone rather than 40.
Very good, that's even more hideous than the one I had in mind!
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