UGLY Crab birds or is it BOBs

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by conco, Sep 8, 2007.

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  1. Why have the Crabs sent all the Ugly munters over to Telic???? I thought that we in the army had some mooses, but christ they have them as well!
    We must complain and get them to send over the good looking ones in there nice skirts and funny hats :wink: :p :D.
  2. The Regiment already have all the "lookers"... You get what's left I suppose... You need to get to the NAAFI quicker... :twisted:
  3. That's not entirely true, Mrs Shark has not been to Telic yet!


  4. I was at BAS this time last year and it was positively dripping with blart. At the very least there should be two fit admin clerks and a pretty, but ineffective, lady DAMO stationed there at any one time. I thought it was specified in the LUE.
  5. But did they put out?
  6. I thought all the good looking ones were sent to the Falklands but then realised they were munters there aswell as the Timmy returned to Brize :wink:
  7. One of the clerks did, the other was married and the DAMO was a lesbian.
  8. Fair enough
  9. not sure if there are many lookers. those that are tend to get around the block
  10. Possibly an urban legend but the story goes that the timmy captain was giving the "just about to land at Brize etc " speech on a flight inbound from MPA and decided to finish with "and for all you ladies, how does it feel to be ugly again ?"

    It was the same on my tour in 99 .. total munters all of them.
  11. Yes heard the same story and that there was a high ranking female officer on board who wasnt amused at all he the pilot was in a lot of sh*t. I think the intercom message was something like "to all you beautiful females on board we are approaching UK mainland you are once more Ugly again"

  12. blue-sophist

    blue-sophist LE Good Egg (charities)

    Ah, those handsome soldiers ...
    Not a blackhead or pimple to be seen ...
    Not a beer-belly in sight ...
    Fissed as parts, given half a chance ...
    Every one God's gift to woman-hood [and in some cases to others as well]

    How those Crab girls resisted your charms one will never know.