Ugly Birds.....

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Shotgun, Apr 18, 2003.

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  1. Who get's your vote as the ugliest birds in the UK that are on the telly then?

    For me...

    1) Glenda Jackson---she looks like the hedge was dragged threw her backwards and then a good rub down with sand paper. I'd borrow somebody else's hand to slap her.

    2) Jo Brand----Does she qualify as a bird?

    3) Cherie Blair---That smile for fecks sake...ugly enough for two heads.

  2. my vote is
    1. anne widdicombe . enough said  :p :p :p

    2.clare short not as bad but tried to ban page 3 girls so gets 2 raspberries rating :p :p

    3.vanessa feltz  ugly, fat, loopy in the head  1 raspberry  :p
  3. What about Mo Mowlem, she is still lost in the ugly forrest and can't be found

    Saying that I would nail it for a laugh, then go straight to the Sun and sell the pictures of me glazing her bald head ;D
  4. I'm sure that there are some trolls on this site.  Come on Ladies (that's not including you 'drag acts' out there.......and you know who you are!), lets see some of your fizzogs and give us a laugh..........I need something to put on the keep the kids away from the fire! :D :D
  5. Im sure weve been down this road befroe, but come on now. Lets have soem pics of the Moon pigs that troll this site. ;D
  6. Glenda Jackson-one of the UK's finest actresses
    Cheri Blair- distinguished law career
    Anne Widdicombe.... Clair Short.... Mo Mowlem...all clever, amazing women who are dissed because they're not flipping babes  grrrrrrr......ok i've just deleted a long  tirade (wouldn't want to make brains overheat would we)....I'll go put the kettle on and growl! huh! grrrrrr  ::)
  7. They may have excelled in thier chesen fields (only because men let them and helped them along thier way)

    The glaring fact remains that they are all snarling Gripper fishes ;D
  8. Mines is NATO standard please Love.......Hoi, MDN, fancy a brew?  The Bint's just knocking one up.

    Anne are funny Bint!
  9. That previous post has to make you wonder if Bint herself is a 'road toad' who has had a life time of beatings with the ugly stick ;D
  10. Damn I realised I should have kept my mouth shut before the kettle boiled ::) ;D
    Ok I'll take my ugly mug back into the kitchen and pull the blinds down again lump or two my dears? :p
  11. good girl

    you clearly Know your place ;D

    My toe nails need clipping now also ;)
  12. Righto dear i'll summon the farrier forthwith ;D
  13. Hoy!!!

    Is my bloody tea ready!! I'm in a hurry as the match starts on Sky down the pub in twenty minutes, so get your fat arse in gear!
  14. Here it is dear ;D (It's ok girls I  'accidentally' put salt in it ;D ;D ;D ;D)
  15. Where's mine then?   :p