Ugliest women in NATO?

As part of my mind numbing job of stagging on the gate at a big NATO base, I try to occupy my time by looking for the Ugliest women in NATO, quite frankly some mornings the things that turn up are at best hideous!
At the minute in pole position is an American Master Sergeant, closely followed by a Hungarian .

Your thoughts?
no she works in our unit and its a toss up between her physical repulsness and her unpleasent personality .didnt stop some giving it a bash
stella artois has a lot to answer for :lol:
Don't forget the oil caked female hobbits in the RLC Tank Transporter Sqn 8O

Eeewwww :lol:
There was a pigmy lesbo postie at my last place who scared the bejesus out of most people - without trying 8O
do the EFI birds at Horsley Lines in SLB count? they are rank!!!
You'll need to host that image somewhere JL , as that URL ain't exactly available for anyone not on that intranet :wink:
I think we need more photos so as to make a more informed decission
dh, don't forget that Canadian moose that stalks the corridoors of the main building. I'l try to get some not-so happy snaps for general enlightenment.
Pictures definately needed, then after deliberation will hand the winner a trophy and a brown bag
shortfuse said:
doghead said:
Pictures definately needed, then after deliberation will hand the winner a trophy and a brown bag

is that to put on her head or to park your lunch in?
Both - just not necessarily in that order :twisted:
Park my lunch in?
Ah got ya, sorry working today so i'm a bit head fucked!
Although have been talkin with collegues about the fine selection of women with shemullets.
Being rancid and having a shemullet....winning combo
Corporal said:
Ugliest woman ever in NATO was a bird named shortfuse. Occasionally, she was mistaken for a bloke. :wink:
didn't stop you trying to climb up me, you chutney ferret!
the only thing stopping you , was that i wasn't related to you.
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