Ugliest town population in the UK

Ugliest Town

  • Andover

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  • Colchester

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  • Stowmarket

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  • The 'Shot'

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  • Lincoln

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  • York

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  • Salisbury (and surrounding area)

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  • Wales (A sort of large town)

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  • Scotland (A sort of large training area with a few villages)

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The UK is slowly becoming the former Eastern Bloc when it comes to 'good looks'.

In your opinion, which is the ugliest town in our Kingdom?

If you town isn't in the above, please add and give a reason why.
Widnes the biggest shithole ever so depressing that you want to die just to escape from it, even drug addicts wouldn't doss under the bridge and Runcorn is not much better the ring roads would confuse the fcuk out of you .
South Bank, Dormanstown and Cargo Fleet. So awful that even people from Middlesbrough think they're the shits.
Surprised to find stowmarket on there, it had to get my vote for being a hideously chav infested wannabe quaint village where the Ned scum shag their sisters by the river every thursday, friday, saturday and sunday night (and sometimes Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday if it's a special occasion). However would be interested to know if its fame as a hellhole has spread or if the thread author has personal experience of its glory.
Have you put down where you've been posted, then a couple of random places you've heard of? FFS - I HATE Lincolnshire with a passion, but Lincoln itself is quite a nice looking place. As for York - frikkin lovely place!

Get a grip - go to Carterton. It actually came top of an official Ugly Places thing a few years ago. :roll:
Warminster is shat.
Its full of bloody squadies and some sort of squadie groupe who have all got the same uniform of Baggy T-Shirt Leggings, fat arrse and pram
Peterborough - looks very Eastern Bloc, probably because most of the population appear to be from Albania, Ukraine and Poland. Most of the remainder are Iraqis, busy turning 'their' bit of town into a Baghdad-a-like sh1thole.
I agree with you Viro Bono. I was unfortunate enough to find myself in Ipswich which seems to have the same problems. Compounded with the fact that it's all industrial units and tin sheds with not a spot of grass or a tree in sight.

York and Lincoln are both nice places. But I think Hull has to be the worst.
Could name any number of towns in the Scottish Central Belt - from Dundee to Glasgow but especially the "New Towns": Cumbernauld, East Kilbride, Kirkcaldy, Dunfermline to name but a few.

All overrun with absolutely awful buildings that look like they were designed by Blind Pugh's dog and full of Buckfast quaffing Neds (Chavs to you English folk out there) and single mums pushing their brat ridden prams about.
Lurgan. The most depressing place in the UK. No doubt whatsoever. Mind you, I visited Stoke on a rainy Sunday once and it was a good thing I had no razor blades handy.
Amesbury deserves a vote all of it's own, it's only saving grace is that Salisbury is 10 minutes away and that's a sh1t hole.
Trust me I work in Salisbury!
Milton Keynes, a new town without any soul. Any of the numerous satalite areas around London, stating with the east end not far from Liverpool Street Station. Birmingham except for the "new" city centre, I remember "suicide towers" when collecting ex's son from uni. Named because each week there was at least one, I'm not suprised due to the surroundings.
semper said:
Widnes the biggest shithole ever so depressing that you want to die just to escape from it, even drug addicts wouldn't doss under the bridge and Runcorn is not much better the ring roads would confuse the fcuk out of you .
Semper, you are strangely right for once.

However, there are roundabouts in Widnes now and I forget sometimes and just drive over them and shout "Prick" out the window when someone toots their horn at me.

Top of the Town is not as good as Millsy's was. And I actually miss the Landmark. :cry:
Stoke is depressing and full of chavs

Leek is a right s hit hole. (but it's home)

Skeeby's full of pointy heads and old people!

and Richmond is full of c unts

nuke them all!

:twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
Milton Keynes gets my vote too on this side of the water.

HOWEVER - you do not see ANY luxury breaks or holiday trips to Cookstown over the other side of the water. That place is one festering sh1thole populated by inbred thugs and mal-educated cretins. The third world on our doorstep.

By the way, XMG is not in any holiday brochures either.
Just Stoke?

Thought it was the whole of the Midlands that was like that?


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