Ugliest dogs to roam the earth, and the most beautiful

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by King-walt, Aug 17, 2012.

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  1. Pitbull terriers have to be the most ugliest animals in the universe in my eyes and an icon to Chavdom, walking down streets on a regular basis, mind you they seem to have that cute ugly appeal and act like goofs so perfect for chav scum.

    I'd love to have a Husky especially from puppy :)
  2. [​IMG]

    Nope. Nothing appealing about either of them.

    However, with the right training the dog can at least learn how to behave and become a useful member of society.

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  3. Like this?
  4. What use is either of them with or without training???
  5. Sorry! I thought this was a thread on a night out in Workington!!
  6. Ah! the 'Ace cafe'. Mark, the owner, used to be a traffic cop and he's pretty intolerant of street scuts like this chap.

    Futhermore where's his biking gear? maybe he's recently fallen off his 'rice burner' whilst attempting a wheelie.
  7. What makes you think it's the "Ace Cafe"?

  8. No... you're quite right it's probably the 'Ace Care Home'.

    I've filmed a few bike shows at 'the Caff' so thought I recognized the Chequering, bikes, Ace sign and frontage.
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  9. You mean, aside from the sign that says 'Ace Cafe'?
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  10. Jarrod has a Husky. Maybe he let you live in his house so you both can share.. ummm... the same love for Husky's?
  11. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

    You soft twat :)
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  12. Not that I approve of the word "hiney"

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  13. Sometimes the damage they do is not their fault ...

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  14. Purebred black Labradors are handsome dogs, and although there are exceptions I think purebred Staffys are a good looking breed as well, and always look really happy.
    Pugs are ugly things and I'm probably going to end up with one as well, my girlfriend adores them and says half jokingly she either wants a pug or a baby so a pug it is! It'll probably grow on me though. I like English Bull terriers even though most people say they are ugly.