Ugliest Bird in TV Soaps

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Rackcatchplunger, Jan 27, 2007.

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  1. I don't usually watch these bloody soaps as a rule, but the other night found me having my dinner with Mrs RCP watching "Emmerdale" and I could not avoid it. Suddenly on the screen was the most ugliest deformed bird I have ever seen. I believe she went by the name of "Kelly Windsor". FFS! she had the face of ET and a deformed body. Skinny with enhanced jugs.
    I wander if her boyfriend shags her with the light off?

    Anybody else consider any of these "soap birds" uglier?

    Apologies if this topic has been done before, I did a search and found zilch!
  2. You don't own a labrador and a white stick at all do you?


    Not the most beautful woman in the world, but you would, I would, anyone would. Any man who says he wouldn't is a liar or a gayer.
  3. Well, she certainly does not do herself justice on screen!
  4. Mr RCP, you must be a hom. There are a couple of things on the above picture that mitigate against her face - even if it was out of kilter, which it appears not to be.

    If it was a choice between her and the mongy Sonia, there is no choice.

    *Guru Disclaimer*

    I have not watched a soap for over 10 years. I only know about Sonia because she was on Soccer AM a few weeks back.
  5. Do I win a red balloon?




  6. Sonya. End of
  7. Bloody Hell whit_RE, I was just about to go to scoff.

    Put me right off that has.
  8. Second one would get it
  9. I knew i should have gone to SPECSAVERS! :cyclopsani:
  10. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Cant say much about the face but that's one 'ell of a set of norks!!! :thumright:
  11. That last fcuker was in Lord of the Rings, on the uglies side IIRC....
  12. Whilst in london and playing football at the pitch near chelsea barracks, we did bump into the aforementioned bint.......attention seeking cow..........but i would!
  13. vicky entwistle used to be a fat ugly dog (les battersby's ex mrs) but now she fine... have you seen her in the keep fit video.... knocks the sh!t out of that beverly collards vid lol
  14. Gwar that used to be in Hollyoaks?
  15. While we were stagging on at Heathrow many BA strikes ago. Miserable looking woman from Eastenders, Susan Tully? walked through. She decided to be sociable and started talking to some of the lads stood in a group having a brew.
    After a few minutes of talking crap one of the lads said to her " So the spots aren't make up then?" End of conversation as she storms off in a huff.