UGL 40mm Rounds

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by sixty_three, Aug 18, 2007.

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  1. How are these rounds carried in the field by the users, is there a special web bag or bandolier ?
  2. there are special bandolier's, but as with everything else in the army, there are few and far between.

    now me personally i carry them in the utility pouch on my left side, as i don't have the bandolier.
  3. There's a PLCE UGL/ Baton gun vest floating about somewhere. Strictly for under webbing though, don't try using your ops vest as you'll have the rounds digging in.
  4. Kept mine in an ammo pouch!
  5. In BATUS there were loads going around...well as many as the normal 5.56 clip bandolier anyway. we just used them as disposables and chucked them afterwards, if I'd have known they were rare elsewhere, I'd have kept hold of them.
  6. They come issued in bandoliers of 6, so if the UGL is distributed in quantities less than this someone will dip out on a bandolier.
  7. The Issue bandolier is made by BCB holds 11 Bombs and is a over the shoulder affair so can be put on over webbing.
    Some poeple also mod it by cutting it in half and mounting on the belt kit and tie it off on the upper left leg for ease of use as they tend to ride up when put on over your webbing.
  8. We do a ten round bandolier, made by the company that developed the BCB one. Link:

    Or if you prefer one for your belt: this belt option is the most popular. Some guys are having these sewn onto their vests. We also have a 4 round carrier to fit Osprey and Kestrel in desert DPM.

    Not cheap as all UK made in correct materials (no glow in the dark imported copies here!) Still cheaper than buying from BCB though.
  9. Right hand ammo pouch. You can fit 6 in it. Jobs a goodun. If they dont issue it. You don't need it!
  10. Hang on a min...

    ...They actually give you ammo for weapons?

    I don't believe it - surely the MOD just but a few UGLs for photo shoots to keep the press happy.

  11. Tis true. I even lost some kit and got it written off. There will apparently be an MOD inquiry.