Discussion in 'Lonely Hearts' started by uncle_vanya, Oct 23, 2009.

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  1. Overweight, Cuddly, Lazy geezer looking for Nice Lady... to darn socks, iron Vest and skivvies.... Farts in bed..... :oops:
  2. Sounds like you want my misses - She is ginger but free to a good home

    any behaviour is entirely the responsibility of new owner and I cannot be held accountable for any defects found at a later date
  3. Are you saying you fart in bed or you want a bird that farts in bed?
  4. Wow...... My dreams have been anwered..... I got this Email today.....

    My name is Irina! I have seen your profile in an agency, that this man probably
    approaches me in my tastes and desires. And I have decided to write
    only for you! I am 29 years old. I am a teacher.
    My girlfriend found the man also through the Internet and I hope, that
    will be possible to me also I will carry also I can find the worthy
    man who will be capable to feel me and to whom I will open the soul, I
    hope, that our acquaintance will proceed further. And now I would like
    to describe myself, I do not know: I, clever, the beautiful and
    generated woman the big love of children, but I think, that much more
    I will tell to you about myself when you will be write the letter to
    me, I will wait very much for it. Because our acquaintance is in the
    beginning and in our hands as it will take place further.

    Plese send mi $10,000 dollors US so we can get together and live in :roll: Moscou.

    Please answer only to my personal e-mail:


    I wnonder if she farts in bed......... :oops: :oops: :oops:

  5. and have you sent her the $10,000? :D
  6. Odd but true - When you fart in bed you always raise the covers a little just to check on the quality.

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  7. I do that! much disapproval from the other half then ensues
  8. If you give me $10,000 I'll fart in bed, and you won't have to live in Moscow....

    Lol :D
  9. $10000??? All I usually get is a rum and coke and a kebab!
  10. But you're a bloke. Reported as spam.
  11. Speak with cuddles, im sure she will pay the taxi fare.......just checking...IS she GINGER down stairs and arm pits aswell, he might offer you a crate of Herforder as well ?????