UGG boots - go on, get it off your chest

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Cold_Collation, Jan 11, 2011.

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  1. Cold_Collation

    Cold_Collation LE Book Reviewer

    Just following on from the comments on the cardigan thread: UGG boots. In your own time, go on...
  2. they feel lovely when resting on your shoulders
  3. F@ck Uggs emu are the way forward there the alt-berg of the ugg type boot world

    I think we should be allowed to shoot Ugg owners...if they want to dress like bigfoot, then I'm going to hunt them like bigfoot...

  5. so you don't want me to get you a pair for your birthday
  6. did Windsor Military Tattoo once, one of the lads' girlfriends was advised to wear boots (in light of the fact that the tattoo after rain turns into a bit of a mudpit) and took 'boots' to mean brand new, white fluffy ugg boots.

    I thought it was brilliant. They were wrecked.

    She held him responsible and he had to pay up. They cost more than his Altbergs!
  7. Only as trophies of Ugg hunting... like the native american indians scalped people...go forth,slay the owners and bring me back their uggs as evidence!

    then we can have a celebratory birthday barbeque using the uggs as fuel :)
  8. change slay to shag and im in
  9. There was a thread before about these boots started by MDN I think.
  10. Once saw the footballer Robbie Savage wearing a pair so made sure he knew I thought he looked a cunt in them. Loudly.


    Mrs Seagulls pals get ready round here sometimes before they go out and they turn up in jogging pants/ leggings, uggs and hoodies. (university, sports team type things) When they leave they look the dogs bollocks. I've nothing against Uggs, there's just a time and a place for wearing them.

    Off to Tescos? Fair one. Off to the pub with me? Get tarted up or I'm going on my fucking own.

    And no Mrrandom, you cannot come round to sniff their jogging pants next time.
  11. its been so long i'd spaff my pants rining the doorbell
  12. there is only one shoe crime more heinous than the ugg...and that is the croc!:puker:

  13. Arghhhhhhhh another one. A massive thread on these too.
  14. I read on a pubs toilet wall you liked a bit of croc- think thats what it said i was pissed when i wrote it
  15. no no no that was that birthday card you sent me remember?