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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by welshlad1991, May 22, 2007.

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  1. When do you have to confirm you final job choice?
  2. Your choices aren't finalised on the 'puter system until the working day before you attend ADSC.

    Ideally though, you'll have chosen what you want to do long before then.
  3. Absolutely rubbish, you need to now your three choices, why you want them and what and where you going at the Recruiter Inerview Stage. You will be entered on TAFMIS then the Confirmatory interviewer would assess the three choices aswell. If you wanted to change for what ever reason at the Confirmatory interview stage he would more than likely put you back to the recruiter to confirm your changes unless he thinks this is justified. All the stuff on TAFMIS plus your academic reference is viewed by the PSO at ADSC sometimes a few days in advance so he is familiar with his applicants and can chat to recruiters if neccessary before you arrive. If you get to your final interviw on your final day and suddenly decide on changing your job without justification expect to be deferred as the PSO will think you are not sure of what you want and give you more chance to decide.
    The only exception to this is if you have failed medically or your maths tests and the PSO would discuss your other options of trades.

    Just know what three jobs you want to do, why you want do them. Know what the jobs entail, where your going, what you'll do there. :twisted:
  4. your final job choices are done about a month before you attend an ADSC, but you can change them if you want before you go to the ADSC or about a week before it. then at the ADSC he will ask you about your job choices and see if your suitable for them. just make sure your job choice isnt a random one. as you may end up getting it. i got my second choice yesterday as i am partially colour blind :( so im joining soon as a REME VM, :). gotta go the careers office today to tell them i passed and confirm the job im going for.
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  6. You can change at ATR so long as you have the quals etc for your preferred arm.