Having been accepted by the Army in November onto the UGAP 2007-08 scheme it was rather gutting to receive the news that (due to cost cutting [isn't everything!?]) placement will be pulled.
I was just wondering if anyone else was in the same position of having to look for a new placement?
& if anyone had any suggestions as to what I could do (baring in mind it needs to fulfill the criteria of an engineering degree).. pref army related?!?
There is a vague possibility of TA or RAF... but both are on the grounds of twisting arms.
All input appreciated!!



I'm in a simular position, although I was due to take my AOSB, but was then told that the UGAP as being pulled, so I have desided to leave it for now. However this also leaves me in the position of finding another placement and havn't found an alternative within the army.
Laura - Were you sponsored by the REME!?? & if so what are your plans now for an Eng placement?!

As for TA... I've asked & asked, but nobody wants to take on Full Time TA!! & before anyone says Ta is Ta for a reason... I understand that, but equally am still searching for a full time placement.




It must be pretty bad news to hear that UGAPs have been pulled by the Army. I understand they have also just pulled all the Gap Year commision offers for this year as well.

I understand the RAF are still running Mid University engineering placement years for engineering students. I have a mate who has just finished one and can put you in touch if you want.

I am not sure what you would want to achieve from a year in the TA. If you want to join the TA then join anyway - but if you are already at University then you could have joined the OTC or your local REME /RE TA unit in any case.

The TA can use you for a year if you have one to spare - it is called an Op tour in Iraq or Afghanistan (and if you have enough time to complete the training) , however I doubt this sort of activity will have the engineering management training you are looking for a for in a mid university gap year placement as part of your degree course.

The TA is not there to run engineering placement gap years for students.


I don't know whether or not this is possible, but one of our now subbies didn't get the UGAP offer that he wanted. Instead, he approached the Regt who got him a place at Lichfield to do Phase 1 trg, which he completed (best soldier! the shame of it...). He then spent his Gap year with us, deploying to Bosnia (which he couldn't have done as a UGAP.

He lived in the mess, but was a tom on the ground, generally the Pl Comd's runner, but all the jobs in the Pl.

He loved it, went to uni, missed Bn so sacked it (after freshers and all that brings), and was at RMAS 3 months later. His experience 'as a tom' gave him a huge advantage at the time, and has done since.

Just an idea; probably not policy, and less well paid, but it'll get you away.



Sophie, no I'm not sponsored by the REME.
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