Discussion in 'Aviation' started by RavSeren, May 2, 2009.

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  1. I feel this thread should be more 'tongue in cheek' than serious but what are the reported 'lights in the sky'? There must be aircraft up there of which we wot not - although I very much doubt they're crewed by little green men (unless the cockpit is too warm, the maneuvers too violent and last nights curry is making an escape bid).

    This report seems more lucid and believable than most:

    Chris Gibson, who was an engineer on a North Sea Oil rig, made one of the most credible sighting of the aircraft (Aurora) in August 1989. What makes Gibson's report particularly sound is the fact that not only was there independent witness by the name of Graeme Winton but Chris Gibson was a fully trained member of the Royal Observer Corps, aircraft recognition team, for twelve years. He was considered an expert in this field and had himself written an aircraft recognition manual for the Corps. What Chris Gibson saw that day was four aircraft flying in formation, the largest of the four was a KC-135 Stratotanker, on its left flank were two F-111's and on the right was a mysterious black triangle that despite being an expert in aircraft identification, Gibson could not identify. Gibson states that this remains the only aircraft he has never been able to identify.
  2. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    I've been fascinated by this since I was a kid. I'm not convinced that the explanation is aliens - as arthur c clarke once said, it's not a flying saucer unless you can read the mars registration plate.
    however, the fact that both the USAF and RAF have certainly misinformed people about their activities in this area at the very least, plus the combination of the sheer volume of sightings made over the years, and the quality of some of the witnesses (pilots, police officers, air traffic controllers), makes me think that there cant be this amount of smoke without some kind of fire - though whether the explanation is little green men, next generation Stealth aircraft, or Nazi secret weapons operating out of bases at the north pole I dont know - and neither does anyone else.
    A good book dealing with the subject is Nick Cook's The Hunt For Zero Point - very well written and not at all sensationalistic.
  3. I'm glad I'm not the only one who's looking for a rational answer to the whole UFO question. Many (most?) of the 'sightings' are obviously aeroplanes, birds, balloons, clouds, etc. but a very small number are genuinely unknown.
    The F117 was first flown in 1981, seven years before it was revealed to the great unwashed - what's being tested now?
    Disappointingly, I've flown many hundreds of hours (in the driving seat) and not seen a thing. We even drove round three sides of Area 51 in the late 80s (by accident, we were 'doing' Las Vegas and Death Valley) and saw nothing - although there were lights in the sky in Roswell. It was the most spectacular thunder storm I'd seen since I was stationed in Borneo!
  4. Is that a Mirage in your avatar or am I seeing things....

    (edited for typing as i laaarf).
  5. It serpently is - Mirage IIICJ to be precise.
  6. Thank fokker for that - I thought I was seeing things. :D

    Bonnybridge is only 12 miles or so away from my current locale.......

  7. It's a weather balloon.
  8. Just tried to upload the ID chart ufo's/planes etc - but comms problems here.

    Weather balloon was on it too....
  9. A few years ago when night flying in the Wattisham DUA we heard an annoying, high pitched, whining noise over the din of our own engines. When we looked in the direction of the noise we saw a peculiar shaped object in the hover at about 2,000 feet. It was shaped like a chicken drumstick and looked to be made out of paper and wood. Then, just as quickly as it arrived the strange craft was gone. We never could explain that one. Nobody back at our unit would believe us.
  10. It wasn't made by McDonald Douglas by chance...?

    Chicken Wings anyone?
  11. I must apologise for my wife. I told her it could cause an accident...
  12. I did say this thread should be tongue in cheek...
  13. Lets get it out of the way ;)

  14. Thats the one!!! :D :D

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    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    pmsl - like it.