UFOs Over Cambridgeshire

Not UFOs, those bright lights were Labour's election chances disappearing over the horizon with their arrses on fire.
Possibly. One witness did say they were the size of a building, but at night that would be extremely hard to judge. Shame no one mentioned the speed they wee travelling at, and at 6 min interval between 'waves' that would be enough time for party goers to set up a new batch and for them to warm up enough for launch.
Kite lanterns... :roll:


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Nope, definetly UFOs. I was taken aboard one, where my rectum was probed by a strange, alien being, dressed in a frightening and bizarre manner. They wore a strange sandy coloured type of boot, a very exotic mix of clothing in a startling beige broken pattern, dark glasses and they had untidy hair. I believe they were from the Cancerian galaxy, possibly the planet Rock Apery.
Working in that area (only a bit to the east) It sounds like its flights of F-15's from Mildenhall. They tend to come back in waves. They'd be heading in the right direction too.

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